South Florida Gathering--Nov 4th thru 6th 2011

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     Doug, according to the website, pets are OK, but must not go in certain areas and must remain on a leash. As to meals we have a good protecol to follow, just by looking at the North Florida gathering. Usually there will be WAY too much food. The first night might be good to be kinda simple, due to people arriving at all different times. Hamburgers, hotdogs, sausages, etc. Something quick?? The following day, we can really hit the smokers and make up a find meal. Of course if some get there early and want to fire the smokers up, no problem.
  2. Good idea Doug about the list of who's cookin' what and when. Also, I was thinking (look out now),

    I think we should have 3 prizes handed out at the gathering: 1 for ribs, 1 for chicken and 1 for the

    best "I didn't see that comin'" dish. Think we can round up two or three folks that are unbiased? Heh Heh.

    If yes, I'll go to a local trophy shop and pick up 3 medium sized trophy's to hand out. Smokey Goodness!

    Personally, I plan on doing a chicken on Friday maybe two, Baby Backs on Saturday, with Chili

    on the side and I'm definitely gonna try some "what the hell is that?" dishes here and there.

    I like posting here as we know exactly when someone adds to the thread.

    Just so you know...I shall be practicing this Saturday on Baby Back Ribs and smoked corn on the cob.

    I will provide Qview and Bearview of course.

    I love this place...James

    P.S.- Is it now officially called..."The South Florida Gathering of 2011"??? Thunder!!!!
  3. Doug,  I haven't been to that campground for 20 years, Great memories there, but some things may have changed since then. PM,ing may be a good idea as not to clog up the forum with ideas, and only post for definite plans. but then again forum is great for every ones input. That up to the coordinator...[​IMG]

    I do know dogs are allowed at the campground, they just have to be leashed and they are not allowed in the swimming areas. My Moms bringing her Pomeranian the little one loves camping, and she is super friendly.

    Some may want to go to their website to look up info:

    here's a link for kayak canoe rentals, and drop off shuttle prices:

     Gatorama's down the street:

    Here's the prices for Gator meat:  maybe everyone attending can chip in for for a package and we can have a gator cookout? Never cooked Gator before.

    Anyone interested in a little local history of the area, I remember visiting The Cypress Knee Museum on ST RD 27 years back, It was a really cool quirky place, shame to see it's no longer around. I would have loved to take my kids there. .......... here's a link for some history buff's:
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    Sounds like were going to have a great time.
  5. I forgot....

    Doug are we going with a group site? For those who will need electric for the smoke off [​IMG]  I know Group 2 site has electric but its in the north end.

    Tent sites 22-28 in the preferred south end have electric and can accommodate 2 tents each site.. and 2 of the P sites in the south end have electric and can accommodate 1 tent

    The sites actually on the creek are the choice sites but do not have electric. site P7 is the most private site ( no electric )

    Campground MAP ------

    as far as group discounts are concerned info From the website

    -----Group Camp sites
    Base fee of $55.00 and $4 per person per night.  Groups sites accommodate multiple vehicles for your convenience and early check in  and check out times and no limit to vehicles/equipment trailers as long as they may all be parked in an orderly fashion in a row by the fence lines.

    For groups not wishing to camp in these group areas they may still camp in another area—they are eligible for the 15% discount  as long as someone acts as the group leader, pays as a group and sends in a completed roster 48 hours before arrival time.  Standard camping fees apply minus the discount. 

    Premium sites (water front and creek side) are not illegible for a group discount—however groups may camp there at regular rates. 

    DOUG I would like to call SHOTGUN reservation, for a site;
    We would prefer a tent site on south side as we are bringing kayaks, and need easier access to the creek. Also easy access to the bathhouse with  2 young kids.  Preferably one of the sites 22-28.

    As far as reservations, will you be collecting camping fees through Paypal? and doing the group discount thing ? Or will we be making the reservations on our own?   
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    Darn. I am going to have to pass on this one.  I am going to a convention in Tampa the weekend before this one.  I cannot take off work two weekends in a row.  [​IMG]
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    Originally i didnt think the group sites would work out because i thought alot of people said they would be bringing RV's, but from the looks of it nobody has a RV (please let me know if this is not correct).  Since we are now flexible with the sites now, i'll look at the map again and come up with a plan.  Thanks for all the information YoungOne this was very helpful!

    i'll create a couple pages on this thread for list of people going, cost, food plans, etc...i think i have the ability to edit a page after the fact so i can keep updating without posting a new post. 

    And yes MasterOfMyMeat i think we can not officially call this the The South Florida Gathering of 2011!! **Lightning and Thunder**


    As far as payments, we could do individual or i could just set up my paypal account to accept all of your payments and i would just pay when i get there.  Either way works for me. Maybe i can work something out with the Outpost to have us as a "group" and i'll give names of each "site" and then you can just call in, say your with the group, and they'll tell you what you owe
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    I was going to ask if we wanted to have any kind of competitions....i like me some competition (friendly of course).  But i think those 3 are great choices...there is obviously brisket and pulled pork but not a great idea due to time constraints.  I'd like to compete in the ribs as well as chicken.  Do we want to allow smokers AND/OR grills for these competitions, or just smokers??

    Also will people be bringing grills as well as smokers? i was originally planning to just bring the smoker but might lug up the grill as wel.  But i'm not sure if its worth while to bring my big SS grill just for the chicken. 
  9. I'm probably going to bring a small charcoal grill just to keep something cooking and ready to munch on, I like that, continuous food.

    I think the prizes can be handed out for grill and/or smoker. My entries will be from my smoker only though. Yes to friendly competition.

    I'm thinking ribs, chicken and that 3rd one can be anything from ABT's to anything really, it's the flavor we want and lots of it.

    so SWF Gathering folks, pipe in on- 1.Grills - 2. Rib, Chicken and "What's that" dish for prizes and finally- who gonna do what?
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    With all you guys bringing smokers & grills I think Judy & I will bring some sides & desserts, and a couple of cases of beer of course. What do you think?


    On a serious note, sounds okay with me Al, but I was looking forward to learning as much as I possibly can

    at the gathering from all the pros, that includes you. ( In my book, if you are an OTBS member, you're a pro).

    It's going to be nice to meet you and Judy though, so be comfortable, be happy, be with a couple of cases of beer..Heh Heh.
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    Well James this is still in the planning stages and I can bring a smoker or grill down, but it seems as though there will be plenty of smoked food down there already. I think maybe we need to have some sort of sign up sheet so we know what all of us are bringing. If we all bring the same thing I don't think that would be good. Especially if we have some sort of contest there will be way too much food to eat, so I thought we would bring a bunch of sides & some desserts as well. If anyone needs help with their smoking Judy & I would gladly pitch in.
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  13. I think you're right. We should have some sort of sign up sheet or "here's my menu" type thing. I know I would accept smoking help and pointers for sure. Thanks Al, good thing we have plenty o' time to get organized. Yes, no doubt a lot of food to be eaten.
  14. dougmays

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    i agree that we could possibly over equip ourselves.  i have no problem letting you guys use my WSM.  It's been a crazy week for me but i plan on very soon setting up sections on here for signup sheets, menus and all that good stuff

    Also MOMM brought up a good point that i wasn't thinking of...having foods around all the time to munch on.  originally i was thinking we'd  plan out meals...but do we just want to have a "food signup" and a approx "time of day" that the food will be cooking? so instead of a menu for each meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner) we just have constant snacking foods? what do you guys think?

    Also there was mention of kayaking, going down the road to the gator farm and other activities...what are you thoughts on leaving the campsite and our equipment there unattended? being in south florida for 5 years now had jadded me and i assume anything left out will be stolen...thoughts? maybe we go on "excursions" in 2 groups? that way people are always at the camp site?  or can we trust the people there?
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    I kinda like the snacking idea. Some fatties, ABT's, maybe just some brats, & burgers, pretzels, chips & dip etc. Something to soak up the beer. I have lived in S. Florida most of my life and like Doug I would be afraid to leave anything unattended for any length of time. That being said I now live in Sebring, which is about 1 hour North of the gathering site on US 27 and there isn't much crime around here. Since there is going to be so much smoking going on most of the time I think you will have to have a couple of people stay there just to make sure the smoker temps. stay where they should. I doubt if everyone will want to participate in every planned activity. If we all want to go then we can just draw straws to see who stays & watches the smokers. These are minor details that will easily be worked out as time goes on. I don't know about you guys, but I'm getting excited!   

  16. Bringing Electric ECB, and Propane Camping stove......... Each Site does have a campfire ring for grilling - ( I'm hoping the fire ban will be lifted by November! Right now campfires are prohibited due to drought. )

     My menu planned so far for cook off:

    Making  Dutch Oven Alligator Sauce Piquante Stew with Side of Rice for the ( Whats That ) on the campfire grill.

    Smoked corn on the Cobb

    Big Ole Macaroni Salad 

    Hot dogs for the kids  ( Doubt they will eat spicy cajun alligator! )

    If the Ban is still in effect for November

    PLAN B Menu

    Smoked Ribs for the Main course

    and instead of corn, Red beans n Rice.

    Macaroni Salad

    Hot Dogs
  17.  My family have been camping for years all over Florida, and have never had an issue with theft or vandalism. And we always leave everything unattended for Kayaking. Campers in general are pretty upstanding folk. You should have no worries, I know I don't. ITS ALL GOOD[​IMG]
  18. Yes, I'm starting to get really excited about this. Question: are we going to be there Fri-Sat & Sun? Or just Sat-Sun? Originally

    I thought it was Fri-Sat-Sun so I was going to get the hotel for Fri & Sat Night, and Sun for cleaning up and saying good byes

    and more pictures. Sat. of course being the big cook day and outings. I too have been tainted from living in SW Florida, leave

    it, lose it. BUT, camping grounds and campers are a whole different lot, seem to be more respectful of personal property. I'm

    sure we can come up with a plan that will suit everyone.


    Portabella Mushroom appetizers


    Whole chicken

    sausage wraps


    Various breads and crackers




    heh heh...James
  19. dougmays

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    Oh Man you guys already have food ideas! i gotta start thinking! 

    I definitley think i might try to make some of that smoked cherry bourbon lemon aide for a beverage that some of us read about on here.


    - BBR's

    - BBQ Chicken Breasts on the grill

    - ABT's

    hmmmmmmmmmmm...and more

    oh yea and BEER and BOURBON!

    MOMM - I was thinking this would be friday-sunday as well...if we are all making treks there might as well make the most ofthe weekend.  Get there Friday night and leave sunday afternoon.
  20. Yup were doing the 3 day as well !

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