roll call on brands of pellet grill

Discussion in 'Pellet Smokers Group' started by show me smoke, May 6, 2013.

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    Thanks, I didn't know it came in black either until I called them and ask. I told him that I was sorry but, out of all the colors orange is least favorite. Come to find out he will paint it just about any color you want, might be a charge for some but black, gray and a few other colors are no extra charge.
    Thanks for the port info.
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    Does this count to belong to the group?  It's kind of a hybrid.  A refrigerator converted to a pellet smoker.

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    Absolutely!  I watched your build thread...pretty impressive rig, Scott!  Have you broken it in good enough to know how it cooks?

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    Damn... that is gorgeous!  If there's a prize for best home built this has got to be in the running.  I think I'm actually getting aroused over that photo.  Gotta go!
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    Cool, and thank you.  I ran it a few times just to test it out.  I did a few chickens.  Last weekend I did some spare ribs and country style ribs I had in the freezer.  It works really well.  The pellet burner produces an incredible amount of smoke considering it is a pellet burner.  I have heard, and noticed, that they burn very cleanly.  Once at temp, and maintaining temp, she really belches out some beautiful TBS, and that resulted in great smoke flavor and produced an incredible smoke ring.  I did supplement with an AMNPS, but probably wouldn't have to. Because it is extremely well insulated, it holds heat very well.  Almost too well.  While it uses very little fuel, the lowest temp it will go down to is, luckily, in the 225 range.  No lower.  I will be exploring different controller options as the current controller that came with the pellet burner, while a very nice controller, might not have as tight a control algorithm as a PID unit.  I might also mess with rheostats that control speed of the combustion air fan and/or the auger. That may be all it needs.  It heats so easily that I need to tone down the heat a little by either controlling combustion air or limiting fuel, but not too much that allows the flame to extinguish.  More fiddling, but that is what I love to do.....tune the shit out of everything.  i will be smoking 3 racks of BBs and some more CSRs tomorrow, about 25 lbs. total.  I will do my best to get some q view and maybe a video.  I'd like to post a video, it's fun to watch this thing work.
    Thanks, geerock.  Thanks for the kind words.  I porn, right?
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    I have a Traeger 075 Texas, I absolutely love it! [​IMG]
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    Welcome NEDtorious, 

    Another Traeger owner.
  8. Hi all thanks for the invite red. Here is my no longer new Yoder 640.  Look forward to learning from all you guys.

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    Welcome to the group!  Those Yoders are nice rigs!

  10. got a jim bowie for fathers day and I'm loving it 
  11. I've had my Traeger Lil' Tex Elite for a couple of years. I've used several different grills with a variety of fuels, but in my hands, the Traeger produces the best, most consistent product. My only gripe is how the grill is holding up. I've had to change the electronics twice (no charge), and the powder coat is flaking off in big chunks. I keep it covered, and although it lives outside, it's in San Francisco, so no really severe weather.
  12. My wife got me a Rec Tec for Father's Day.  I love it.  I've cooked pork butts, ribs, chicken, steak, burgers, dogs, different types of sausages, bacon wrapped pork tenderloin, beans, corn, bacon and a bunch of homemade jerky.  My mind is always thinking about smoking something.  I want to do a brisket next but I haven't been able to find a packer, just the flat.  Even Costco hasn't been carrying a packer, just the flats.  I'm nervous about screwing up either of them.  I need to man up and just do it.  
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  13. I just did a center cut brisket this weekend. I was a little worried because it was grass fed beef and trimmed, so very little fat. I injected with beef broth, Worcestershire, garlic and onion powder, a little cayenne pepper, smoked for 4 hours at 250, set it in a pan and covered with foil, cooked to an internal temperature of 195. Really came out well. I haven't cooked brisket too many times because my results have not always been positive. But I think the injection/wrapping technique is one I will continue to use.

    Best of luck on your brisket
  14. MIne is a Traeger Texas. I have had it for a year now, but am still learning it. It sure has simplified smoking just about anything.
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  16. I bought a Traeger Texan At Costco for $799, and I bought the demo model just over a week before the road show was to end;  picked up at 5:30 p.m. Sunday the last day of the roadshow.  Because I bought the demo model, they threw in two bags of pellets, a cover, jar of rub and a recipie book, and it was already assembled.

    Have smoked a Turkey, a gazillion chicken thighs for a party, a chicken on a throne and doing a chicken tonight.  Just getting started.  The smoke isn't as intense as my old propane/wood chip smoker, but you can set it and forget it where I had to keep replacing the wood chips in the tray as they would burn up too fast even on the lowest setting.
  17. Proud owner of a GMG Daniel Boone.  
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    Congrats on the new RT!  Be sure to show it off with some qview!

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    I have a Yoder 640 shipping out on Monday, had them add an extra 60lbs of pellets to save on the shipping. Can't wait to start smoking on it!

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