roll call on brands of pellet grill

Discussion in 'Pellet Smokers Group' started by show me smoke, May 6, 2013.

  1. Good problem to have, should be fun!
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  2. smokingrk

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    Red, Thanks for the invite. 

    Mine is a Yoder 640 received it in March 2013. 

    Grill Grates in action

    Started with an electric smoker and WOW what a difference. 

    Still trying to figure out the pit and having lots of fun doing so by attempting to smoke something different each time, of course there are always repeats of ribs, steaks, and pork butts being these are favorites of our friends and family.

    Looking forward to this new forum.
  3. seenred

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    Congrats, Ed!  I'm looking forward to seeing that pit fired up.

  4. It sat in the box for three months before I had the chance to put it together.  I got it built and seasoned.  But I have been fighting mad temp differences on it since.   I did 1 cook, cause the meat was already sitting out and loaves of bread ready to bake (yes, did meat and bread at the same time).  With the help of the great guys at GMG and a little slower at work, I hope to get it dialed in this weekend.
  5. Mine is a Yoder 640 and I have only had it for about two months now.  Haven't figured everything out yet but working on it.  Not sure that it is holding temp just right but working on it.
  6. Thanks to SeenRed for inviting me to the group.

    I have a 7 year old highly modified PID and Stoker controlled Traeger Lil Tex with attached Masterbuilt Propane providing over 1400 square inches of cooking area.  Smoke flows from the pellet side through the upright and out a stack. The upright runs on gas and/or electric.

    I also have a recently purchased Royall 2000 which I have modified to be controlled by PID and Rock’s stoker.  Still trying to figure how to attached a gas/electric smoker box to it.

  7. seenred

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    I really like the looks of those GrillGrates. Rec Tec is working with the guys at GrillGrates now to offer a set of 3 that are custom fit for a Rec Tec grill. That is one upgrade I'll have to make when it's available. I did a reverse seared ribeye last weekend that was great, but didn't make the sear marks I'm looking for.

  8. mossymo

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    Thanks for the invite... have a Yoder YS640 since January 2012 and still loving it!
  9. geerock

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  10. Thanks for the invite Red I have a Traeger Lil Tex for about 4 years now but thinking about getting a stick burner
  11. Still getting mine dialed in but had a breakthrough first couple briskets I cooked  I had the damper all the way to the right....well the right side was another post that said to slide in the damper about 3-4 inches...and will even out.  Did this last weekend and it made a big difference...did not seem to be as hot. Might try that.  I do not get as worked up about difference in temps too much. Just happy that I can set it and forget least compared to my stick burner.  I may get more than 4 hrs of sleep now at contests..
  12. Hi,

    Simple procedure.

    Take the stack off the Traeger.

    I used a lift jack put the Masterbuilt in the position I wanted it.

    Mark the two holes that holds the stack on the Masterbuilt.  

    Drilled the two holes and mounted the Cabinet.

    Drilled two holes where the shelf mounts for a total of four bolts.

    Mark a circle where the stack was cut it out.

    Added an electric element to the cabinet.

  13. geerock

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    Thanks Savannah.
    Do you have an idea of what temps you get in the vertical cabinet with just the traeger running? (General temp difference between the two?) I think I'll re-attach the traeger stack to another part of the pellet cooker and put a stop damper in the cabinet / traeger connection in case I want to just use the pellet. Run a pid in the cabinet in case I want to cook at two different temps from pellet chamber and mes cabinet. Looks like I found something to do with these damned cabinets!
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    BTW Savannah...I assume that's you on My traeger has been getting some pretty wide temp swings lately. You selling that savannah stoker still?
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    Thanks for the invite Red
    I bought the Yoder YS640 about two months and really love it. Also have a stick burner, We'll see how much use it gets this summer.[​IMG]

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  17. beernuts

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    Another thanks for the invite SeenRed.  I have a GMG Daniel Boone w/remote I received 2/1/2013.  I use it every Friday for the weekly rib dinner.  I've also done steaks, butt roasts and brats on it.  It's a lot of fun.
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  18. bear55

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  19. smokingrk

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    That is an awesome looking comp cart setup.  I did not know it comes in black also, thought only in orange. 

    Saw that you were using temp probes thru door, take a look here  added temp probe port.  Use step drill easy install.  It does not have to have the fiberglass sleeve, just remove the plastic inserts.  I use the fiberglass sleeve to protect the braided MAV probe wires, probably not necessary after I considered it later. 
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