My first RF smoker build, any help would be appreciated

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by jhsdigital, Apr 15, 2013.

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    3/16 is working for me
  2. Really looking sharp!
    I used 3/16...since my firebox is not under the cc at any point it works fine. If there was overlap, I'd think there might be some benefit to going thicker.
  3. DoodleQ,

    Im leaning towards the 1/4" Plate, but in reading other threads guys are using 3/16. I was just wondering if there was a difference in the end result as far as cooking goes?
  4. Biggest problem with reverse flow is the hot spot, ..your firebox is partially under the cooking chamber, and that will amplify this problem.

  5. Going with thicker plate helps , so does adding a 2nd plate with air gap in between

  6. with that said, 3/16" is easier to fab with than 1/4 ", if your just doing a flat plate, i'd go 1/4", if your getting fancy, 3/16" will be fine.

    Other than  the hot spot that you have to engineer out, recovery time really should be the only other difference, from thermal mass, and your not talking that much.
  7. Thanks Ribwizzard,

    We discussed the hot spot a couple of pages back in this thread. With the help of Dave, SQWIB and yourself I decided to put in a heat baffle plate with a 1/2" air gap which seems like it should take care of that problem, you guys have been a big help in my build. I spend a lot of time reading about other builds on this forum, and noticed that some guys were using 3/16 plate instead of 1/4 plate. My initial intention was to go with 1/4 plate, but wanted to check to make sure I was not overlooking something before moving forward. THANKS again for all the input, I cant wait to do my first cook.
  8. Well, we got back at it last night and here are the results.

    First, the damper and handle for the stack, I used a 1/4 piece of scrap for the damper disk on top and 1/2" rod for the control arm which will be finished off with a spring handle.

    Next we moved on to the door frame of the FB, I used 1" and 2" flat bar to construct it. I placed the 1' behind the 2" with a 1/2" over hang which I will use for stove/oven gasket so I get a good seal on the door when closed.

    We also added the fire grate rails, did not have enough time to hang the door maybe later this week.

    This afternoon cleanup time on the welds with the grinder.
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    What are you going to use for the fire grate?
  10. SQWIB,

    Going to use 1 1/4 X 1 1/4 square tube with a 3/4-9 expanded metal top, and maybe put a finger pull type handle on the front edge, to make it easier to slide out. Also going to line the bottom with fire brick. Still havent figured out how I want to do the door latch yet, any suggestions?
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  11. Hey, anyone have any suggestions for a FB door latch ?
  12. Spring latch from HF, with just a quick fabbed up striker plate.
  13. DoodleQ

    Thanks, picked one up today.
  14. Well, got a call from my Buddy on his way home from worked and he asked me if I wanted to do some more welding this evening. Umm, Yeah ! So this is what we got done tonight,

    Welded up the frames for the fire grate, cooking grate and folding shelf.

    Welded in some expanded metal behind the air intakes

    Here is the fire grate, I'm going to weld a handle on the front edge to to help with pulling it out when hot.

    Here is the cooking grate, also going to put handles on the front edge with some 1/2" solid rod to help to pull it out when hot.

    And this guy will be a folding shelf, it will be hinged just below the bottom edge of the door opening about 2". Hopefully we can get some more done tomorrow. The near is in sight and I'm getting really excited to get it done, cant wait.
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    It looks amazing . if i will add anything to this great smoker will be a BBQ Guru  .
  16. WHEEL PLACEMENT:  I'm trying to figure out wheel placement for my smoker. Below is a drawing that shows where I was thinking about placing them. However I'm thinking that there may be an issue of the possibility of tipping. I noticed in a picture that SQWIB had posted in my thread earlier that it appears his right side wheels are located under the FB.

    Any thoughts ??????

    My Drawing of wheel placement

    SQWIBS, picture above
  17. The build is looking good. I'll check back later.

    Happy smoken.

  18. africanmeat

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    My wheels (the smoker wheels [​IMG])  are under the fire box

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  19. Its looking like under the FB and the other end might give it more stability when rolling it around, any thoughts on hard wheels vs. pneumatic wheels ?
  20. Hard tires. Other wise they will stay flat


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