Masterbuilt smoker vent position?

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by northernsmoke, Jun 6, 2010.

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    If you're talking about an MES Gen #1, you probably aren't getting much smoke because the bottom of the chip drawer is too far from the element, or there's an extra piece of metal between the drawer & the element. If that's your problem, you may still be able to get the FREE retro-fix chip burner from Masterbuilt, but the best way to fix it would be to get an AMNPS, and start really having fun smoking.

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    Ihave a MES 40 and smoke baby back ribs all the time. I use the 2-2-1 method. I leave the vent half open all the time i have smoke on the ribs; close it for the non-smoke part. They come out great! I use captain morgain's spiced rum and apple juice for the foiled part!
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    Coach Pete here. I just purchased my Masterbuilt Pro Digital Electric Smokehouse and was reading these posts hoping to find the proper time and temp for bone in turkey breasts. Any help would be appreciated! Please

    I did get caught up in the back and forth ventilation discussion and wanted to let you know,
    my manual code # 9807100037 10512-04JH does have this page "Let's Get Started", its page 3. I purchased my new smokehouse 9/13 for what its worth.
  4. I baked 50 potatoes in the Masterbuilt Smoker at 250 with the vent closed.  I leave it full open for all other smoking since stagnant smoke leaves residue on the meat.
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    Congrats Coach & welcome to SMF !!!

    Please check into Roll Call & introduce yourself so you can be properly welcomed.

    Meanwhile don't believe everything you read on the "Let's get started" page. Most of the MES owners on this forum know a lot more about how to use their MES than the guys who wrote the book. The book I got told me to put water in the pan & soak my chips. I doubt that guy ever used an MES.
  6. I just purchased the MES 30 yesterday, 12-14-13, at Gander Mountain. The page above that was scanned in, is in fact in the manual that came out of the box when I opened it. 

    I am using it today for the first time. Previously, i have never used an electric smoker, only a true wood fired smoker which I built. Today, I am smoking peppered bacon, sausage, and a shoulder roast. After two hours with the vent closed, I checked temps and tried some of the bacon and sausage. The bacon has a mild metallic taste, and the sausage is fairly grey instead of the brown that I am used to with my wood fired smoker.

    This result is what brought me to this thread, to get advice on the vent. Other than the above scanned page, there is no mention of the vent in the manual at all. After reading the other posts here, I have now opened my vent to about 90%.

    Hope this helps to settle the argument about the manual. Have a great day.
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    Did you season the smoker first? 

  8. I always cook with the vent open.  I am told by the pros that if smoke is not flowing it will leave sooty deposits of creosote and other by products of burning wood on the meat.
  9. As said in another reply, I have two of these smokers and use them daily. I load 4 butts (6-7#),  1 ham (14#) and a brisket (6-7#). With the smoker cold I load the meat, about 8pm, put in about 1/2 cup of soaked chips, set the temp at 210°, close the vent with just a small hole open and let it go for 2 hours. I then put another 1/2 cup of soaked chips in and go to bed. I am wrapping the meat at 5am and removing it from the smoker at 8:30am. Butts are tender and juicy, the ham is near perfection and the brisket I'm told by our customers is some of the best they have had. I never preheat and never average above 210°.
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    Hey guys, I have a somewhat related question to Masterbuilt vents.  I just put together this guy:

    The side circular style vents are driving me a bit insane... According to the manual I am supposed to use a screw and a stopper nut.  this leaves a lot of play so I cannot tightly close the vent, keep it half open or really fully open. I feel like it just kinda dangles there and positions itself wherever gravity tells it to.

    I thought maybe the tension I was expecting would come after the grate holders were in but no..

    Both side vents are like this so I have to believe its by design??

    Any ideas or feedback?

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    Does anyone have a picture of the retro chip tray? I would like to compare it to my tray.
  12. bearcarver

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    If when you remove your chip drawer, there is still a piece of metal under it, above the heating element, that is the problem child.

    The retro-fix has nothing between the bottom of the drawer & the heating element.

  13. My Masterbuilt Sportsman Elite, model 20072912, 20073012, purchased 12/21/2013 from Cabela's, has that page : (Let's Get Started) It says the same. "Close air dampener on side of unit to retain moisture and heat.If cooking foods such as fish or jerky, open air dampener to release moisture. if we are referencing the book,"

    It also says under PRE-SEASON INSTRUCTIONS, NOTE : Never add more than 1/2 cup (1 filled chip loader) at a time. Additional chips should not be added until any previously added chips have ceased generating smoke.  My thoughts are if you fill the wood chip tray up completely, and open the front door, I would expect the chips to flame up.

    Each person has the things they do to get the best results for them. If you add your experiences here please give all the facts, like that you fill the wood chip tray up completely with damp wood, to get 5 hours of smoke. That will reduce confusion. 

    I am new to Smoking, if I have miss-typed or am wrong, please help me understand better.

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    Here is a link to a post that BSImages posted with some nice side by side pictures of the old and new tray that may help you.

    Hope this answers your question enough. I was also trying to find the video link that someone on here posted that showed the actual retro fit upgrade kit being installed (I thought it was posted by Bearcarver but I am not sure). I would love to find it again so I can put it in my bookmarks too.
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    Just read my MES manual an it states"Close air damper on top of unit to retain moister and heat. If cooking foods such as fish or jerky, open air damper to release moisture.
  16. Good day one and all
    I have purchased the Master Built Duel Smoker model 20050612 as my first smoker
    Having never tried smoking anything before,I thought that it would be smart to start with a entry level unit
    Have had great results with said smoker,has been rather cold this winter here in Canada so I have kept the top vent closed
    Am I doing the correct thing with said vent?
    Want to enjoy my smoke meat and not make anyone sick from eating it
    Any help would be grateful
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    I have a masterbuilt 40 in. I called master built and they told me the ideal position would be have the vent half open. Lighter smoke flavor, fully open and for stronger smoke, close it. I just smoked bacon and opened the vent half open and it was just like I like it.
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    There are a lot more experienced MES users on this forum than there are at the Masterbuilt office. 

    I keep my top vent 100% open most of the time.

    50% open when windy.

    Fully closed only when Preheating----Never closed when Smoking!!!  

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    Please do not poke the Bear with that stick. It's Sunday, let sleeping Bears lay.
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