Chicken Sausage Done!

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by smokinvegasbaby, Dec 3, 2014.

  1. Thanks Bro J..............Yeah I decided on the LEM #22 Grinder...and yes I'm having a blast with my new stuffer.  Can't wait to get my grinder!  Say "hey" to Nicole and the kiddos!

  2. waterinholebrew

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    Nice grinder ! I'am sure you'll put it to good use with your new addiction .... :biggrin:

    Nic & the kiddos give ya a big "HEY" right back !

    Take care my smokin friend !

    Bro J
  3. "my new addiction" I know right LOL.  Sausage making is as addicting as smoking!  So now I am an "addicted- sausage making-smoke-junkie"  might have to change my forum name!  Take care my friend.

    Be Blessed,

    Josie & Sophie
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    Holy Smokin Vegas Baby!! That's some fine looking chicken sausage! Nice smoke and points to boot!
  5. thanks DS2003 - I didn't smoke my sausage I cooked them on the stovetop.   Question do I need to add the curing solution if I (hot) smoke my sausage on my offset smoker?  I'm still not sure about the smoking process.
  6. Always best to add cure if you are going to smoke slowly. You could put it in a hot smoker at 225-275* but you would likely get the dreaded fat out and they may rupture and you loose moisture and fat and all kinds of bad things. Of course, I am a novice sausage maker but I made a batch of cured and smoked chicken sausage that was dynamite. Smoke it in increments of 1-2 hours at 120 or so to 170 or so until Proper IT. I took it to 163IT since it was chicken and I am still honing my skills.

  7. your sausage looks amazing!  so I DON'T need to cook hot and fast because of the "dreaded rupture issue" I got it. I'm learning as I go here :eek:) Another question - do you grind your chicken just once?  Thanks for the helpful info tbrtt1.

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    Thank you for the recipe, I will have to make a change with the oatmeal. My wife has a gluten allergy. Did you include the oatmeal for texture or moisture absorption?
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    That sausage looks divine. Nice job!
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    You can hot smoke the sausage without cure. Run the smoker at 180 to 210 and sausage has to reach 160 in less then 4 hrs. With chicken sausage take it to 170 IT
  11. I used boneless chicken thighs and only ground once. I added a little olive oil since chicken is a bit lean. I grinded, mixed and stuffed then put it in the refer for a day
    I only ground once through the coarse plate. I mix very thoroughly until sticky. I grinder, stuffed and into the fridge for a day. Then pulled out for a couple hours to dry thoroughly then into the smoker. Here is the post of that process with the smoking times.:

    I used a very simple recipe:
    2 lbs chicken thighs
    Salt: 16g (23/4 tsp)
    Cure #1: 2.5g (1/3 tsp)
    Cracked Black Pepper: 6g (3 tsp)
    Chopped garlic: 10g (3 cloves)
    Dried Thyme: 2g (1 1/2 tsp)
    2 tbs olive oil
    Cold Water: 100g (3/8/ cup)

    Cured sausage will have quite a different flavor that fresh. Try it . It is really easy.
  12.   I haven't smoked any sausage YET.  Will have to try this process.  Thanks for the info and recipe.  Josie
  13. I used the oatmeal as a  binder.  The apple and eggs gave this sausage a lot of moisture. The next time I make chicken sausage I will use the larger blade so the meat has a little more body to it.  The guy that share this recipe with me used Panko crumbs for the binder.  Let me know what you used to  make it "gluten free".  Josie
  14. Thanks boykjo - I will follow your recommendations. 

    Be blessed and keep on making awesome sausage!

  15. Thanks CM!
  16. ok Joe - tonight I made Italian sausage and I covered it with plastic wrap directly on the meat per your recommendations!

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    I want to be your neighbor!!!

    Looks awesome...
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    Looking awesome Josie, I am glad you are having fun with your new stuffer and thanks for the recipe.

    Keep up the good work!
  19. Lol Welshrarebit!!!! come on over............always plenty of food to sample!

    Be Blessed,

  20. thanks redheelerdog!  I am having so much fun with my new stuffer.  So far this week I have made 4 lbs. of chicken sausage, 5 lbs of Spicy Italian Sausage and 5 lbs of hot links.  My freezer in the garage is full of sausage........guess I better fill up my fridge in the kitchen too!

    Be Blessed,  Josie

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