YS640 and Cajun Chicken Pasta

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    First time grilling on my Yoder Smoker YS640.  I purchased a set of GrillGrates but admit I was a bit sceptical as to whether the YS640 could really fire it up and grill like a proper grill.  Well, I have to say, I was very impressed this evening.  I turned the temp up to 500* and let her heat up with GrillGrates in place.  I cut a chicken breast in half and seasoned with cayenne powder and southwest chipotle seasoning.  The smoker was putting out a flame like my corn stove did back in Michigan.  It did not take long for the heat to build up.  I greased the GrillGrates with some oil and put the chicken on.  It sizzled like it should.  After a few minutes I flipped the pieces and finished cooking.  This was just the second meal cooked on the grill, but very happy with the agility of it to go low and slow or fire things up for some hot cooking.  I am including pics of the process, sorry for the low quality photos, time for a new camera.


    Grill set to 500*

    Hard to see, but the flames were kicking.

    Seasoned chicken and oil for the GrillGrates.

    Chicken on, ready to season the other side.

    Nice sear marks on the meat.

    Cut up on the board.

    Cajun Chicken Pasta with tomatoes and green onion. 
  2. That looks great (grate?)...  sorry..  I've got one too, I love my Yoder & the Grill Grates. I find myself using them way more than my old gas grill. Even on a quick burn, you get that extra bit of flavor- Enjoy!!   

    PS: If you haven't already, try pushing the heat plate all the way in when using the grates (on the left side), it will really concentrate the heat where you need it.

    Happy Smokin!
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    Nice......have me a pellet pusher, must look into the grill grates but have fond memories of the charcoal burner so keep it around
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    Nice , Capta1n , good sear marks... how do steaks come out ? At 500*F , a med. rare bone - in Ribsteak would be easy... [​IMG]
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    Mbogo-  I had the heat plate all the way in.  It really helped push the flames right up on the grill grates.  Very happy with the setup.

    Chef Willie-  I was a bit skeptical on the grill grates, but they seem to do a great job.  They have many different sizes to choose from.  You could possible get a set that would work on your pellet grill and your charcoal grill.

    OldSchool-  We have not grilled any steaks yet.  Hope to do so soon.  I will be sure to post some pics when I do.  I set the temp at 500* but the unit will go higher.  When I do the steaks, I will crank her up all the way and see what happens.

    Planning on smoking a turkey breast today.  I will start a new thread on that later today.

    Enjoy the weekend.

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