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Discussion in 'Pork' started by dauntless, Jul 21, 2015.

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    Did not get a chance to post this last night but here goes:

    I figured what better way to kick off a week of leave then to fire up the smoke and grab a couple cold ones. The day before I rubbed it with Jeff's rub and wrapped it in the fridge for the night. Meanwhile I made a fresh batch of Jeff;s sauce and some homemade coleslaw to go with the next days deliciousness! I am still getting used to my AKORN after my UDS was stolen while I was on travel but it did pretty well yesterday, only had one point where I didn't catch a temp drop (hit 190 at around the 7 hour point) but that was quickly resolved. The Butt went on around 240 and i stayed 245-260 all day long with the one drop as the exception. Every hour she got a spritz of Black Jerry Jim Beam and Apple Juice. I foiled at the 165 mark and put it in towels and a cooler at 195. After 45 mins of resting we couldn't wait any longer so I tore a big hunk off for dinner then re-wrapped and pulled the rest after we ate. It was simply amazing and with the coleslaw and the wife's homemade whole wheat bread it was just what the Leave Doctor ordered! 

    Rubbed in Jeff's rub and ready to get wrapped in the freezer

    Ready to start the low n' slow process

    About 6 hours in to the smoke she is ready to wrap at 165

    After resting for 45 mins the bone pulled out real clean

    The large hunk for dinner pulled and ready to serve

    Final product, it was very tasty

    Thanks for looking and smoke on!!
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  2. Yummo!!!! Looks awesome! I can't believe someone would steal your uds!!! That's a full-on tragedy!
  3. dauntless

    dauntless Meat Mopper

    Yup in back yard with no view from any side of the house, under a cover. It had to be someone who has seen me use it out front in the past. It has not shown up anywhere in our neighborhood but oh well. In reality i only had about a 100 bucks into it. I just miss the fact that i had it setup to set and forget all the way through a 15+ hour smoke. Anyway, I am really getting the hang of the AKORN
  4. Heartbreaking.... I would be so bummed out. Is the akorn a ceramic cooker?
  5. dauntless

    dauntless Meat Mopper

    Yes it it, similar to the BGE but cheaper. I got it on sale at Lowes for 169 on fathers day.Instead of spending the additional 45 on their "smoker stone" I used a weber replacement grate and a pizza stone I already had. Works very well, and so far I have been able to maintain proper temps pretty nicely. 
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    The PP looks delicious.

  7. tropics

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    That is some nice moist looking PP,when mine come out like that,I do not put BBQ sauce on.


  8. dauntless

    dauntless Meat Mopper

    Lunch today did not have sauce on it, but Jeff's sauce is so darn addicting i couldn't help myself

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