WSM on Craigslist in KC

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by mule86, May 11, 2010.

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    This listing kinda makes me laugh. Isn't that just an 18.5" charcoal grill with the upper part of a WSM sitting on top??? They mentioned they bought it from an ex-Weber employee, so maybe it was a first, in-house edition (prototype???) of something like this:

    For $175, I would think you'd be able to build a pretty good stand and just keep your smoker.
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    Yeah, there's no chance I'd buy that stand for that price. I was thinking more like $30-$50 tops. It would also be pretty tough to get to the top grate, and lower grate from above. You'd probably need a ladder and I'm 6'3''.
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    Haha! That is true. I didn't originally think about that. Maybe the table top is there so you can stand on it! [​IMG]

    Seems like one of those ideas that would be nice if you bought the grill and noticed that you could put your smoker on it for ease of fire access, but not something you would try to sell as a custom piece or great invention.

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