would this stuffer modification work?

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  1. Hey everyone. Im a 1-man operation, and i have the same stuffer i was taught with; an Enterprise 8 quart stuffer. Here is my idea and tell me if im crazy. If its not too crazy i will do a build and take pics of the process...
    So basically my idea is to remove the crank handle, attach a socket to the square shank, then connect my 1/2 hp low speed drill to that. I will have to fabricate some brackets to keep the drill from twisting, but here is the kicker. I have my foot pedal for my LEM 3/4 hp grinder, which i could use on the drill (after fixing the trigger to be "on" at all times). So basically i would have a 1/2 hp variable low speed stuffer! Id like to hear opinions, good or bad, if this sounds crazy or not. When trying to guide casings and turn the stuffer i always have blowouts and other problems. This way i would have two free hands, without the 2500 dollar minimum price of an electric. Give me some feedback. Thanks
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    Sounds like it should work, Let us know how it comes out.
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    IMHO I don't think it will work. You will need a lot of torque and the drill motor will need to be well secured. Also the speed of the drill will be another problem. When using a stuffer with a motor, immediately after filling a piece of sausage you have to relieve the pressure so you will have to reverse the drill motor which will seem difficult....I have the cabelas 30lb stuffer with motor and it is nice to have your hands free for stuffing. Like Dan said, give it a try and prove me wrong. Would like to see it work and do it to my 15 lb stuffer.....If your having blow outs, its not from the stuffer.... You need to prep your casings better..... 


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  5. Thanks for the ideas. Woodcutter i had no idea they sold a gear reducer, if this fails thats most likely the route i will go. Obviously im on a budget and i know i have the material to give this a try. But if it doesnt work that might be my next step. My current meat savings is for a stainless table which ive wanted for a while. Thanks again
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    go for it man! a lot of people think some of my ideas are crazy until they see it in action
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    My Enterprise stuffer is from my Grandpa. I have the original handle but he made another that is 2" longer than the original. It makes a big difference in power. Another thing that I ran into is there was a burr that was cast into the arch. We used it for years but it was cutting into the big screw. Eventually it got very hard to use when there was meat in the stuffer. After filing out the burr it worked smooth again. I wasn't looking at the screw earlier but the burr cut a nice groove in the screw.
  8. My Question is Why ???

  9. Hey Gary. I understand it seems sort of out there. Since its just me and ive tried alot of different ways of turning this thing and still trying to guide the casings, ive ran into problems. The biggest being i have been turning and not looking at tge horn and packed casings too tight and blew them out. My girlfriend doesnt share my enthusiasm for processing my game so she is no help. And i recently moved about an hour from the rest of my family. This was a family sport and now its just me as everyone else lost interest. Plus im a tinkerer and enjoy trying to make things work. Thats how i ended up with a butcher cleaver for the door handle to my Q. Haha
  10. That answered my question, Sometimes you need a third hand. Since you like to tinker look into rigging up a foot controll like on some of the grinders. Let me know what you come up with.

    Should be pretty neat

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    Sounds like you need to modify the girlfriend or get a new one..................lol

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