Will short and thick do the trick?

Discussion in 'Side Fire Box' started by wombat, Jun 20, 2015.

  1. wombat

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    I have the option of two different sizes of propane tanks to build into an offset smoker. The first is about 20" X 48" and would work pretty well with a traditional offset build. the other option is around 30" X 48" in length. It will give me a lot more room for comp cooking. I am a little concerned that the short cooking chamber length is going to be a PITA to maintain even temperatures (without resorting to RF). What are your thoughts on the 30" tank?


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  2. brianlamb41

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    I've been trying to convince women that 'short and thick' does the trick for years.
  3. daveomak

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  4. joe black

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    Neil, My cooker is 24"x48" and the temps are within 5* from end to end. I have a Horizon type convection plate and it does the trick. If I had your choice, I would definitely go with the 30". Bigger is always better where cookers are concerned. Good luck, Joe
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    Thanks fellas. I will start doing the calculations and put a design together. With regards to the firebox I'm tempted to run with another length of 30" tank which would see the bottom of the firebox about 15" below the CC. Is this getting too low?
  6. daveomak

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    Round to round, when making the CC and FB can be a PITA as far as fit up goes... also, you lose room for the meat racks...

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