whats the difference between these MB40

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by bow2king, Mar 6, 2017.

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    They are both the blue tooth so I would say they are the same.Other then the legs are a plus keeps you from bending.I have that one I also got the extended warranty 

  3. Bow, welcome to the site, but slow down.  Marctrees earlier suggestion to go to the electric smoker section and look at all the info there--good and bad--was advice well served.  Don't jump off the high dive before you make sure the pool has some water in it:  do some research before you pull the trigger.  There's tons of posts and pages upon pages of threads on this topic:  be an informed consumer, not a regretful or remorseful one because of lack of knowledge, as it's there for the taking.  Good luck.
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    ​yea I am, I'm just trying to find out as much info as possible want to make sure I don't pull the trigger on the wrong one!! have been doing some research all day went to bass pro today and the one they have is $449 its their special edition one! just trying to find a good deal where I can
  5. There's weeks' worth of reading here and elsewhere that can make your buying decision a sound one.  Itchy trigger fingers aren't what you want:  my advice is to worry less about a "good deal" and more about what is going to fit your situation the best and will stand the test of time.  This hobby is, and is supposed to be, fun--don't let an impulsive buying decision turn it into a source of frustration. Buy quality, buy once.  Buy price, buy again.  And again.  And again.  My $0.02
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    any other suggestions for me? been lurking for a while and definitely want to get into it will mainly be doing ribs,pork,brisket and maybe even some fish!
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    Hi there and welcome!

    Also if you can coll those places up or stop by and get the model numbers of the smokers you can search for those model numbers and definitively know if it is a 2.5 or not :)
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    as long as they have BT it should be a 2.5 correct?
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    Yes, they're both the same Gen 2 smoker. The legs are always a good feature since they sit your smoker up higher. I found this same model on Bass Pro but as part of a package. For $479.99 you get a six rack smoker, not four racks, and they throw in a pair of silicone gloves. If you plan on smoking for a large family and/or group of friends on a continual basis, get the six rack. If not, four racks is typically all anyone needs, especially with the large interior cooking space of the MES 40. I have a basic MES 30 Gen 1 and although it's fine for my purposes I'd love to have the wider width of a 40 in MES. 

    Here's the link to Bass Pro: http://www.basspro.com/Masterbuilt-...tal-Electric-Smoker-Combo/product/1505111210/

    You might find a similar deal at sites like Cabela's. 
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