What's a good tip for cleaning?

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by bendog15, Mar 15, 2014.

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    Hi there- I've got a Little Chief Electric Smoker. It's a great entry-level smoker, and I only make beef jerky or smoked fish in it. After use, I see a lot of build up and gunk on the removable metal racks.
    Is there a good way to clean the racks (and maybe the smoker too)? I have been soaking the racks in a tub with soap and water and then scrubbing them. Lookin for a good cleaning method you like to use. Preferably no chemicals. What's your advice? Thanks
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    What I do is take all your stuff that is dirty and place inside a plastic trash bag. Spray oven cleaner inside bag and all over everything inside the bag. Close up the bag and leave for as long as you want. Remove and rinse with hot soapy water. Works incredibly well with little mess to clean up. I just saw you stated no chemicals so this might not be for you.
  3. If they are stainless steel...........give them a good cleaning by hand..........spray pam on them the next time you are going to smoke...........then afterwards put them in your dishwasher. I have a MES 40 and my grates come out super clean.
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    The best cleaning procedure I have found is to leave the cooker gunked up (real cheap and effective rust proofing) until ready for use then burn the racks off with fire..hit with a wire brush and squirt them down with PAM. I use a propane flame thrower on the racks from the big pit. With small racks as out of the electrics I get the gas grill hot and stick em in there for a while. Scrape up and out any grease deposits on the bottom (grease fires aint nice) and remove any mysterious clumps of stuff which might be clinging to the wall and roof. I hate washing stuff..lol. The closest any of my pits have come to liquid was when I spilled a beer in there one time..lol. Actually the drunk welder who built me some new racks insisted I power wash the inside so it did not burst into flames when he struck an arc in there..so it did get wet once..lol. Keep us posted on how it goes.
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    Got kids? Cleaning rack is as easy as taking out the trash and cutting the grass!
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    Hahaha no kids. Good one though!
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    I suggest you go down on front street, talk to one of the girls there. When she says she can do anything you want, bring her home and hand her a bucket and soapy water, introduce her to the smoker and go get a beer.
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    Do you really want those girls anywhere near places you put your food ?
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