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Discussion in 'Smoker Builds' started by unclejojo, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. unclejojo

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    I have gotten valuable info from this forum.I have gotten tips on smoking meat,cheese and other things.

     Now I am going to venture into the land of building my own smoker.I have ideas for what I would like to do.Thank you to Spankerchief..he is the one who got my wheels turning.I am going top go with a horizontal smoker.

       I am learning towards a rear facing smoker on a trailer,but open to all suggestions.One thing I have learned here is that...The people on this forum are very creative.

      So I have the tank already it measures 90 inches in circumference and 44 inches long(with out pad and valve guards).The top of the tank has two valves on top and a metal pad on bottom,both of  them I will grind off.

     So with all that being said any and all ideas will be appreciated.


  2. nepas

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    Looks like a project is in the works....EH

    Be safe cutting into that bad boy or girl   [​IMG]
  3. unclejojo

    unclejojo Fire Starter

    I  am going to take it to a welding shop so they can use a plasma cutter on it.I want the line to be smooth...not the way it would look i I used a cutting torch..lol
  4. scarbelly

    scarbelly Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Looks like a fun project 
  5. africanmeat

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    it is going to be fun .
  6. sunman76

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    If you have a nice clean tip on your torch, you can tack a piece of flat strap as a guide to hold and run the tip against for a nice smooth straight cut using your torch..[​IMG]. save a few bucks.  Just be careful and make sure it is all cleaned out and no chance of a problem...
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  7. unclejojo

    unclejojo Fire Starter

    Sitting around with idle time..putting rough sketches down.Been using the "pit calculator" and have a question(only one now). If I wanted two stacks,would I combine the pipe diameter? For example..if i was to use 4 inch pipe,but wanted to have dual exhaust...does one figure that you would have one pipe at 8 inch?
  8. daveomak

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    Unclejojo, No....... An 8" diameter pipe has 4 times the area that a 4" pipe has....  That being said.... Too much exhaust is better than not enough.... If the calculation calls for an 8" stack, 2- 5 5/8" stacks would be the equivalent..... so I would use 2- 6" stacks to be sure there was enough flow....

  9. unclejojo

    unclejojo Fire Starter

    Wow..I knew there would be a lot to calculate.Probably not a good idea to try to figure numbers while chugging coffee..lol,and math isn't my strong point either.

     Using the calculator with my dimensions it is telling me that I have a cooking chamber size of 33193 cubic inches. The exhaust is 5% of that?I hope I am reading that right.So I was thinking when I put in that I wanted to use a 4 inch stack..it said that it should be 46 inches long..that's where I thought that two of them would work.But,you guys have done this before,or are WAY better at math than me.So all advice or comments are very welcome.
  10. daveomak

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    Unclejojo, I was looking at the pit calculator, and the exhause stack is calculated on the size of the fire box.... Looks like you are using the cooking chamber for the calculation....   Be sure to use the inside diameter of the pipe you are using for the exhaust.....   Dave
  11. daveomak

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    Jo, here you go..... 33193 cooking chamber = 11065 cu in fire box....   33.25 sq in air inlet to fire box

                                                                       11065 """..................    88.52 sq in opening to the cook chamber

                                                                       11065  """.................    /7= 1580 cu. in.

                                                                         1580 ".....................     5" stack = 19.64 sq. in.     1580/19.64 = 80.5 inches long

                                                                                                            4" stack = 12.57 sq. in.      1580/12.57 = 125.7 inches long

    11065/1728x7.48= 50 gallons  Is your fire box 50 gallons ???

    PM me with what you have going.... I'l be glad to help you out......  Dave
  12. unclejojo

    unclejojo Fire Starter

    Thanks DaveO...I will need all the help I can get.
  13. if you have a good wormgear circular saw almost every welding supply sells dry cut blades($60-$90) that leave a perfect edge and only lose 1/8" in the cut, wear safety glasses and only set the blade as deep as needed,stay away from rusty stuff and the blade will last a very long time
  14. unclejojo

    unclejojo Fire Starter

    Well I talked to a friend of mine,he works for a welding shop.I might be able to have him take the tank in for the cuts that need to be done with a plasma cutter.He also told me that he would teach me how to weld.He has been welding for 30 yrs.

     Clyde ..sounds like that would work..my circular saw went missing..IF it comes back that is another option..Thank you

     Off today,I am going to go check out a couple trailers I had seen while I was working.The one trailer used to have an industrial welder on it.I figure that will work...especially if the price is right!
  15. chinasmoke

    chinasmoke Smoke Blower

    I'm just about finished building my reverse flow. Its just about the same size as yours with a 22x22x22 fire box. Dave is right the bigger you fire box the longer the chimney will be. which calculator are you using? this is the one i've been using http://www.feldoncentral.com/bbqcalculator.html . it has both round and square calculation. I've also used this to help me figure out the area for the fire box to smoke chamber opening http://www.handymath.com/calculators.html
  16. unclejojo

    unclejojo Fire Starter

    ChinaSmoke..Thanks for the links.I was using the first one.I will use the second as well.Between the both of them I should be able to get the info I need.THANK YOU all

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