What fertilizer to use for garlic?

Discussion in 'Root Crops' started by danmcg, May 25, 2009.

  1. danmcg

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    My garlic greens are looking a little pale and I'm thinking the plants could use a little something in the lines of nutrients. Does anybody have any recommendations?
  2. carpetride

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    Without pulling a soil test it's hard to say what they are in need of. In general N (nitrogen) will green everything up. Maybe use a balanced fertilizer such as 12-12-12 (N-P-K) and do so in the proper amounts. Ironite can also be used to give a deep green color but it is not a complete fertilzer, just restoring some micro-nutrients thats all.
  3. alx

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    Dan i plant mine in nov.and fertilize 3 times high in nitrogen from time the sprouts are 3 inch high-early march- every two weeks until may 15.Garlic is one crop i dont use organic fertilizer for nitrogen,i use 21-0-0 Amonium Sulfate and water it in .I checked a plant yesterday and they are just starting to bulb.I pick when 60 % of shoots are brown and cure for 3-6 weeks.The last month of growing may 15 - june 15 i use fish emulsion and seaweed for a light nutrient boost once a week.I avoid high nitrogen after may 15 to encourage bulbs-my earlier nitrogen gives me lots of shoots which make the individual cloves.My garlic starts to get a little light green this time of year as well.I posted some pics in april in root crop forum-update us on your progress-i will post some pics of finished bulbs.I also plant my garlic in my leaf compost with bone-meal and plant tone added to trench.
  4. danmcg

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    Thanks for the advise Guys. I was thinking a 5 10 10 although the greens are pale I don't think I want to add anything that will produce more greens and not insure good bulb growth.
    ALX, being a few hundred miles North of you , I know your timetable won't work for me but I'll look into your suggestion's... But won't something like 21 -0-0 make nice greens and no bulb?
  5. meat hunter

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    Alright, you all are gonna think Im on crack, but when I was young, my grandmother had one the best gardens I have ever seen. Everything was like it was on steroids. Her secret? I kid you not. She would have me go down to the lake and catch a stringer full of carp, bring them back and bury them in the garden. She told me when they start to decompose, they release plenty of nutrients into the soil. By lookin at her garden, it was hard to argue. Since they are considered a rough fish here in Minnesota, and Im sure in most other states, it was illegal to return them to the water so in the soil they went.
  6. alx

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    The 21-0-0 is meant to be spread on ground and watered in-fast acting- only 3 times no later then may 5th for me this year-typo earlier.Like you said you use the nitrogen early to make the shoots which become cloves,so yes you cant apply near time bulbing starts,which has been this time of year for me last few years.I do same with storage onions-each shoot of onion is a layer,so i encourage top growth before the sun makes them bulb.
  7. alx

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    I use Emulsion, but your grandmother was definetly right about fish carcass etc. and fertilizer.Great stuff if used and composted etc. properly.
  8. the iceman

    the iceman Smoking Fanatic

    Seems to me that is what the Indians taught the Pilgrims about getting their crops to grow. Just throw in a small fish along with the seed.

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