Weber Genesis S310 with available smoker box

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by gpjohn, Jun 1, 2015.

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    I bought the Smoker Box and Grate designed for my new Weber Genesis S310, and I'm looking for tips for this specific setup.  I've used it a few times so far with Tri Tip and "country style" ribs.  Seems that I tend to combine some "indirect" and some direct grilling. I put my meat on the unlit, left hand side of the grill, away from the smoker box on the right.  I don't feel very successful in getting a slow burn with the wood chips--either they don't burn at all or they go off in a blaze of glory.  When I feel things aren't happening fast enough, I crank up the burners and even put some heat under the meat itself.  My system seems to be a bit hot, and it's hard to slow it down to 250 degrees...............or maybe I'm just impatient.  Looking for kindred souls new to this world and sharing experiences.
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