Vacuum sealer bags?

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  1. inkjunkie

    inkjunkie Master of the Pit

    Need to order a roll from Lisa. Economy or premimum? Hmmmm.....decisions decisions
  2. I would tell her what you are going to do with them and then go with what she says.

    Happy smoken.

  3. bear55

    bear55 Master of the Pit

    I recently faced the same problem and chose to go with the economy as they were the same design and size as the food saver bags I used previously.  I wanted to compare apples to apples so to speak and have purchased my last food saver bags.  Lisa's bags even paying shipping are a much better deal cost wise for at least the same quality.

  4. I have always bought the premium bags. If you use a lot of bags buy by the case. She will mix a case if you want both sizes. Good price and good service. OH, and the bags work great. CF
  5. inkjunkie

    inkjunkie Master of the Pit

    Ordered the 6 pack deal of premium bags on her site. Stupid shipping is a killer...and that is coming from a former USPS employee.

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