Two Canadian Bacons started today...

Discussion in 'Smoking Bacon' started by tom kish, Feb 5, 2012.

  1. Well, I started two 5# loins on their way to Canadian baconhood this evening.  I used my dry cure, same as for a 5 pound belly slab, but I found something that made the application a lot easier:


    I mix my Instacure #1 and Kosher salt together in the Magic Bullet until it is powdered finely.  In the instance of my first batch, I also powdered the brown sugar in with it.


    After a good massaging, it was into the bag, then into the fridge.

    Next up: innocent looking green peppers.


    These were also run through the Magic Bullet, and the resulting paste was placed onto both sides of the loin after the cure rub was applied.


    I've got at least 8 days before they are ready, probably will give it a couple more, then let them air out for a day in the fridge before smoking.  I'm debating on apple or cherry wood smoking the brown sugar CB, but I'm definitely going to use mesquite on the latter.  Ordered more dust from Todd, as well as a remote sense thermometer, should be here later this week.  I'll let you know how it turns out, with pics of course. [​IMG]
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    Mmmmmmmm! Can't wait for some q-view!
  3. smokinal

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    Good start!
  4. Should be good from the list of ingredients. Waiting for the final results!
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    I will have to keep an eye on this one !
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    I have seen a few baconish posts with people using jalapenos while brining. I really like the sound of jalapeno bacon. I just did up to big bellies and I was stupid and didn't try it. So how does the jalapeno flavor come through in the end product? Is it a very distinct flavor or is there just a slight flavor and is there some heat to the bacon or not?
  7. I'll let you know on this one.  It's my first jalapeno bacon of any sort.  The method I'm using is a dry cure, rather than a brine, so my guess is that the flavor and heat will be a little more intense than if I had brined it.  I had tried wet curing some garlic/pepper (belly) bacon, and the garlic flavor wasn't as pronounced as it was with the dry rub (I had used roughly double the amount of fresh garlic in the brine).
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    Really cant wait to see how the end result taste. Because i really like the idea of jap's on bacon......
  9. That sounds really good.  Can't wait for the sample in the mail!
  10. That sounds really good.  Can't wait for the sample in the mail!
  11. I just wanted to make sure you read that.
  12. Well..................... how did it turn out?

  13. It turned out pretty well, I have pictures to post.  Unfortunately, I haven't been able to try them after the smoking process.  Hopefully, in about a week I'll be able to post the taste-test.

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