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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by bnb, Mar 2, 2010.

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    Hello All,

    Wasn't sure if I should post this in Propane Smokers or Eletric so I will post it in both. My wife bought me a Brinkman Eletric smoker which has me falling in love with the smoking world. My wife says I can already upgrade as long as I keep fixing meals as I have been which won't be a problem :)

    Details on what I am looking for and what my budget is:

    - $500 or less (wife will kill me if I spend more)

    - Propane, Natural Gas, or Eletric (want to spend time with my girls, not a fire)
    - Mainly used for small meals of 2 to 6 adults but have parties with up to 40 people (large family)
    - Would like to be able to try Jerkey at some point as well as fish

    Currely have a Brinkman Eletric and the issues I have found is in cold weather keeping the temp up, not being able to control the temp and having to remove the top rack to get to the lower rack. Have been looking at the both propane/gas and eletric vertical smokers, like the idea of the front loading. Any input would be great.

    Thanks again. Jeff
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    $500 gives you a variety of choices.

    Like ronp I'm a fan of my MES, but I would just a quickly buy a 22" WSM.
    The WSM is a real winner, even wins at many competition BBQ contest. I have yet to hear a WSM owner complain about his smoker.
  4. donnylove

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    I have an MES and two drums, which operate along the lines of a WSM. I love my MES and it's certainly a set it and forget it setup (unless the wiring goes down or the control unit is too cold), but I generally prefer to cook my meal-type meats over the charcoal. From what I've heard about the WSM, it's basically also a set it and forget it type setup. I think you'd love charcoal, but I can also vouch for the MES (get the big one at Sam's Club if you go that route). Have fun shopping you lucky bugger!
  5. I just got a 40” MES Sunday and seasoned it yesterday then did 4 chicken breasts ,wow were they good. Injected them with garlic butter and threw them in .The MES worked like a champ. I went light with the smoke because wasn’t sure but next time I would do 2 loads of chips. Now for tonight’s dinner think it will be stuffed pork chops. I made a deal with the bride that I would do all the cooking forever if we got this, their all for it. The sky’s the limit with this unit. [​IMG]
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    I bought an MES 2 weeks ago and love it. Last weekend after I seasoned I did a pork butt and a fatty. This weekend I did 3 racks of ribs, a pastrami and a 9x13 pan of Dutch's beans and still had more rack room. After everything was cooked, I scaled the temp down to 150 and smoked jerky for 4 hours. Came out PERFECT. I plan on building a UDS in spring but will still use the MES for jerky and sausage and small smokes where I don't want to light charcoal. I also did some research on here and the MES has one of the lowest cost to run. I bet with enough time and prep I could easily do 8 butts on it at a time so I could do a large party but at the same time I wouldn't have a problem pulling it out and smoking a single rack of ribs for dinner cause it is just that easy to use.
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    Very Happy MES User!

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    my previous smoker was a brinkman electric, i loved it and for several years i used it and loved it every weekend, when i wore it out i decided to go with the propane big block gosm and would never look back. it is ok for a snack for me on the weekend or if i have 40 kids over i can take care of them only 200 at bass pro shops, i can cook whatever i want, cleanup is a breeze and it is very easy to set up, start good smoke and no problems, no need to spend any more, with the large cast iron pan i can put wood chuks or poellets whatever i want this is a good machine
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    Insulated smokers in cold weather are a must. I can maintain 250* in my MES at 10* outside temps. Keep this in-mind for your final decision.


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