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  1. I have a GOSM propane smoker. I tested the accuracy of the thermometer in the smoker door (both ice water and boiling water methods) and they were  spot on.  I also have a Taylor digital thermometer with a remote.  I read threads here in the forums about putting the probe through a potato leaving 2 to 3 inches sticking out.  I placed the potato at the same level as the GOSM door thermometer.  The digital thermometer consistently read 30 to 35 degrees lower than the GOSM thermometer.  Which one is right?
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    The temps might be varying that much inside the smoker. Try moving the potato closer to the door probe and see what you get. While smoking it is a good practice to have the probe as close as possible to the food so you know what you are really cooking at.

    Good luck!
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  3. I had a dirty probe scrubbed it clean and it fixed my issue. 

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