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  1. I have bought this little beaut below but not actually getting it until January. Already thinking of a few improvements and modifications though.

    The current owner had it custom built to his spec and it cooks great but he says that it has to be refuelled every 2 hours or so to retain temperature. Is this right? It sounds a bit too often in my opinion. I'm used to cooking on a Kamodo Joe and like how little that needs refuelling, I understand that it will be more often on the big rig but 2 hours seems a bit off.

    There are a few areas that need sealing with fire rope, particularly around the hinges which are not air tight at all at the moment. The RF flow plate is made from 6mm steel (1/4" inch) which seems pretty standard but I was thinking about maybe adding a RW/heat plate with air gap underneath to add some thermal mass to it.

    Has anyone created a layer of fire bricks on the RF plate to add thermal mass? Aside from them getting mighty greasy but that aside would it make any difference once heated up?
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    Once every two hours isn't that bad. You would be better served to insulate the firebox than to add mass to the RF plate. Get the CC sealed up good and insulate the firebox so the heat you generate escapes into the cook chamber not into the open air to get your efficiency to increase.
  3. I remember that build, why is he selling it ?

  4. Was it a build on here? Would be good to read through the build, can you remember what the thread was called?

    The owner is moving back to the U.S. from sunny England.
  5. Yep  I'll have to look back but it was on here I remembered the door weights

  6. Just found it, was by UK Builder back in June.

    Looking at the comments in the thread it seems well thought out and I should be able to give it a good home! I know the chef it was built for and attended a few events over the summer where this baby was used in anger.
  7. Cool, glad you found it now you can see it come to life.

  8. Hello Will.  Are you planning a catering business or are a chef/owner of a pub? Just curious.  I followed this build fairlyclosely.  Back in my younger days I was a welder and have built several smokers in my time, small and trailer rigs.  I can tell you that the builder is not yet really into smoking meat.  If I remember correctly Michael used the pit calculator so the measurements and openings should be correct, meaning airflow and heat transfer should be correct.  You say you have seen the rig smoking meat?  I haven't seen this rig in action so I can't speak to the leaks.  If fire rope and or high temp silicone is needed then by all means seal those gaps.  As you said, seal those leaks!  I also agree with Len, insulating that firebox would add to the efficiency of the rig but these big rigs usually EAT fuel.  Have fun with it!  Good luck.  If we can help just let us know.  Keep Smokin!

  9. Hi Danny,

    My full time job is Landlord/Manager of a small country pub but am good friends with a local chef who does a lot of development work with pork and does chef demo's up and down the country. He is my business partner in this little venture. I foresee us doing mainly summer events maybe 1 or 2 a month tailoring the menu to the individual events.

    The current owner of this rig is a landlord of another local pub just down the road from me and he has used this on several occasions there. Thought I had a photo of the last one where they did a whole butterflied pig but I can't seem to find them at the moment.
  10. Hello Will.  I ain't no professional but I have been smoking for a while, if I can offer any help please feel free to PM me.  Smoking Monkey is running a catering business.  He does hog roasts.  I am sure he will offer any advice, GREAT guy.  IF I may offer this advice:  ( please don't take this the wrong way, I mean it to help )  a professionally trained chef doesn't always make a person good at smoking meat/food.  Smoking is a different skill than you learn in culinary school in my humble opinion.  Just my own observations.  You have skills I wish I had a fraction of.  I may be wrong.  Wouldn't be the first time.  We have some U.K. members with some fantastic skills.  Would be a shame not to learn from their experience.  Great folks in the U.K. Group and across the forum willing to offer any and all advice and experience.  No disrespect intended.  If I can help you know how to contact me.  Keep Smokin!


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