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  1. Hey guys just wanted to pick your brain a little on the pit barrel smoker. I've been searching for into on it but haven't found a lot. Plus I don't take to heart a whole lot from what info they have on it from their website. I like real world experiences

    So first thing I'm seeing it's that it's pretty simple but when cooking a brisket they are cooking like 6hrs on average and done, this seems to be really fast to me. All the briskets I have done on my propane smoker held at. 225 f temp took like 12hrs on average. So what's the deal?

    Also I haven't used seen anyone talking about what wood they are using? You still want to throw some wood on the coals right?

    Thanks guys hope ya can help me out!
  2. I bought a Pit Barrel Cooker last year and have been happy with it.

    It is well made a does a great job on ribs and pork shoulder. I like the hanging hook approach. I have done one smaller brisket but my results were not as satisfying as I would have liked. The PBC I bought allows you to use the hooks or the grill but not both. It is a little limited capacity-wise but suits my needs. I think it runs a little hotter than most smokers (+40-50 degrees) so meat cooks faster. The oxygen level is controlled by a circular vent at the bottom and is set by altitude (I am at 4900 ft). The design creates a convection oven in effect. 
  3. Also does a good job on chicken..hung or on the grill

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