Tender Quick for Pastrami?

Discussion in 'Beef' started by radio, Mar 26, 2014.

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    Sorry if I overlooked the info.  I did a couple of searches using different queries and came up empty or overlooked the info.  I have looked in vain for Cure #1 and/or Prague powder at all the stores in my area and finally gave up and bought a bag of tender quick today.

    I am wanting to make Pastrami with a brisket flat and need some advice on how to proceed with MTQ.  I know I could use corned beef, but I'm a stubborn cuss and want to make this from the get go

    Thanks, and may the TBS be with you[​IMG]
  2. Radio, I don't use TQ.  I get my pink salt (cure #1) on Ebay. I suppose you know that they are not interchangeable in a recipe. If searching for pastrami recipes here didn't turn up any for TQ you might try Morton's web site or Google pastrami recipes for TQ.

     Sorry I couldn't help.

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  4. radio

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    Thanks Stovebolt and DanM,

    I saw the Morton's corned beef using tenderquick, but was a bit hesitant to go that route without some input from the good folks here on SMF that had actually used MTQ for Pastrami.

    I looked on e bay and found several cure #1 auctions, but this guy has great ratings and is really reasonable and has any quantity you want  http://www.ebay.com/itm/Curing-Salt...t=LH_DefaultDomain_0&var=&hash=item27dd761525
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    not sure if you already checked . I get my pink salt at Academy Sports.

    Jerry S.
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    Corned Beef/Pastrami with TQ
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    Thanks squib!  awesome post and incredible results!  I was a bit confused about the differences between pastrami and corned beef.  I know a lot of folks use a store bought corned beef flat to make pastrami, but I was looking for a way to make the true pastrami and you delivered, big time!
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    Ordered 8 ounces of pink cure #1 last night so I will be prepared when the urge to cure strikes again [​IMG]

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