Temp Questions on a Packer Brisket

Discussion in 'Beef' started by smokingriley, May 29, 2010.

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    This is my first full packer brisket and  have a couple of questions. My plan was to slice the flat and take the point and make burnt ends. Never had burnt ends so we'll give it a try. I have two temp probes in the packer. One in the flat and one in the point. When do you foil? When the flat reaches 160 or the point at 160? Also when do you seperate? Here is a teaser!

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    Now you don't need two probes in the same brisket. I would leave the probe in the flat and take the one out of the point. The point is a smaller piece and is on top and will get a higher temp quicker too. Now I would foil at about 165°. Then take the brisket to 195°ish or so for slicing. 205° if you want to pull it. Then cut the point off and wrap the flat in foil and into the cooler and then cut the point into chunks and add your favorite sauce to it and in a foil pan pit it back into the smoker. No need to probe it for you want it to just continue cooking till it's falling apart tender. Then you pull it and dig into some real little treats a pure goodness sent from God. 
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    Good looking Brisket.
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    Thanks, I was not sure on the temps so I put one in each. I have only doe just the flats before. I will remove the one from the point.  I'll foil her at 165.

    Thanks more Q-View will follow!!

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