Sweet rub for kids rub with a kick for adults

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    Ok i have a spicy rub that i started to use and i have been smoking only for about 9 months. I have been looking at buying Jeff's Rub for some time now. Is it a good rub for the kids? is it spicy? Does anyone have a favorite rub for their kids. I myself like a little kick to my rub and not a sweet rub, any ideas? Also if you buy eff's book do you get the rub receipt and bbq sauce reciept? or do you have to buy those seperatly?
  2. Jeff's recipes are on the spicy side, which he tells you up front. The trick is to go easy on the spicy stuff (you can always add to it later) until you get the taste to where you like it. The recipes are not in the book.  The book is well worth  the price.  Ernie

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