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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by boykjo, May 25, 2011.

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    Whipped up some fresh sweet Italian sausage using the rytek kutas recipe..... instead of regular sugar I added turbinado sugar.....

    stuffed the other day and had 7 blowouts in a row. gave up and put back in the fridge to try the next day. Soaked the casings over night and had better luck. for some reason the fresh casings I bought usually come in a salt water brine and these were in all salt. I think the water leaked out of the package. I never had a problem with blow outs. I always can pack my sausage pretty tight.

    For the really bad news.......no smoke on these sausages... grilled only.......yeah, [​IMG] had to get them done fast to get the family fed due to lack of time......

    casings soaking. They never look this small


    casings soaked for an hr +


    shoulder ground and seasoned overnight and packed for stuffing


    sausage stuffed


    on the grill


    green peppers and onions


    plated with some sweet corn and some cucumber and tomatoes in Italian dressing...


    Sausage was just like you get at the fair...... will be playing around with the recipe.... you know me... used a 7mm plate. will go to a 4mm plate next time and make it a little leaner next time. the recipe said 1 tbs sugar. might cut that in half next time and it seems to be missing something but it did have some really good flavor......

    Thanks for looking

  2. bearcarver

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    Nice work Joe!!!!

    Awesome plate too!!!----> Even a bit of BearView There Too!


  3. solaryellow

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  4. fpnmf

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    Looks delicious Joe!!

  5. boykjo

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    Thanks joel....I'll definatley give that a try ..
  6. scarbelly

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  7. bmudd14474

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    Looked good Joel
  8. chefrob

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    looks good joel and nice sides to go with...........
  9. nepas

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    Now ya did it Joe

    I just gained a few lbs looking at the nice Sweet Italians and now i gotta go mow the freakin lawn [​IMG]

    Nice sausage.

    Did you try 1 Tbs clear white vinegar in the soak water for the casings?
  10. smokinal

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    I bet if you ask real nice. Nepas will give you a great recipe. I got one from him for hot Italian sausage and it rocks!
  11. raptor700

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    Great post Joe,Sausage looks great.

    Even though it wasn't smoked! lol

    I love the Tomatoe and cucumber with Italian dressing, Hav'in some tonite!

    Thanks for sharin' my friend  [​IMG]
  12. boykjo

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    thanks for all the compliments everyone. the sweet corn was awesome too. Hey nepas, I never had to put vinigar in the casings before. With this hank I will have to try it. When i get my casings they are in a salt water brine and they are rugged. I rarely have a blow out and I stuff really tight. These casings were a little rubbery  and didnt have that crunch.but it was still all good

  13. Nice. I love a good italian sausage.  Did you put a little vinegar in the water with the casings? Sometimes you need to do that with the dry packed ones.
  14. africanmeat

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    It looks good Joe

    thanks for the Qview

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