Sunday Football Baby Backs (Q VIEW)

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  1. I'm still fairly new at smoking, with only a few months under my belt, but either way, I love smoking.  Here are my ribs from Football Sunday this week.  I smoked about 9 & 1/2 pounds of baby backs.  I purchased the racks from costco, and they were great looking, and the membrane was already removed, so it was a win for me!  Hope you enjoy the qview, my fam loved them!

    Jeff's Rub, No Salt                                                                       9 & 1/2 lbs of baby backs. Costco rules!

    (I put it through a coffee grinder to make it real smooth)

    [​IMG]  [​IMG]

    Yellow mustard on each slab, then heavy on the rub.                     Wrap the slabs in plastic wrap, and in the fridge over night.

    (I take salt, and then sprinkle it over each slab

    once it becomes like a paste)

      [​IMG]        [​IMG]

    On the right is a slab after 3 hours in the smoker with Hickory dust.  I then wrapped all the slabs in foil (Left side of pic) and a few "glugs" of my home brew.


    Another pic of the wrapped ribs and brew. Back in the smoker for 3 more hours at 220deg. (I used the 3-3-1 method with these baby backs because they were very meaty.)


    Pulled the ribs from the foil wraps, and added a doctored up Jeff's BBQ sauce


    Back in the smoker for the last hour, mopped again half way through.


    Pulled from the smoker, and ready to eat!


    My favorite rack.


    They were juicy and meaty!



    To finish it off, my wife made a football cake.  This was gone real quick!


    Not sure what I like better... Sunday football, or Sunday football food!!  H

    Hope you enjoy!
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    Great job Pittman! Those are some darn good lookin BB's. Wish I was there to help eat them. I'm sure they were enjoyed by all.

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