stuffed burgers- how?

Discussion in 'Grilling Beef' started by watermelonslim, Apr 14, 2010.

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    So I think I am going to try some stuffed burgers for my son's birthday this weekend. Any tips, pointers, tutorials, etc?

    What should I stuff them with? How will I know when they are done?

    I've attempted stuffed burgers before, and they turned out decent. I want this batch to turn out as good as humanly possible- the type that people remember years froom now. I smoked them on my last (and only) previous attempt, and I will be grilling this time.

    Any tips?
  2. Really, they pretty simple. At least mine are, and they always go over great.
    I usually make 10 oz. burgers with 80/20. When I do what I call " The Gusher Burgers ", I weigh-out two 5 oz patties, flatten 'em out, and stuff 'em with American cheese ( you can use any cheese you like ). For the cheese, I take one slice, quarter it, and lay 'em out evenly on one of the patties about 1/2 an inch from the edges of the patty in a square ( overlapping to get even melting ),slap the other patty on top, seal the edges, and chuck 'em on the grill.
    Give it a shot. They're great ( and for a few extra smiles, dont tell whoever is eating 'em that they're stuffed ).
    Let 'em find out on their own.
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    we call those gourment burgers when we stuff them. it is kinda like a fattie but a burger.
    as for what to put in them? what ever you and you family likes.
    if you want a burger they all will remember for ever.

    try this. get yer patties ready. slice sweet onions 1/4" thick lay a slice on each pattie, 2 dozen habenero peppers should be pureed add 1 tsp of dry mustard to it blend well paint the onion with it. not a whole bunch a little will go a long way. now sprinkle cilantro over it (all stems removed) now lay a slice of cheese on it (I love sharp chedder) now some cpb on the cheese and a little sea salt. put the other pattie on and seal. cook like you would any other burger.
    I hope your party goes well and every one has a good time.
  4. watermelonslim

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    Man that sounds so good, it's killing me to stuck at work right now.

    Anyway, what is the aproximate diameter and thickness of the patties? I'm not exactly sure what a 5 ounce patty would look like.
  5. Well, the diameter is probably between 5 and 6 inches ( closer to 5 ), and the thickness is probably about a 1/4 inch each.
    Really, you obviously dont need to weigh 'em, but my GF got me a digital kitchen scale a couple years ago, and now I'm kind of addicted to using it. It IS nice to have for portion-control.
    Just make two patties that are about the same size and thickness, and put 'em together. The only IMPORTANT thing is that you form a good seal on the edges. You dont want the cheese to start oozing out.
    Cheese lossage is absolutely unacceptable ! [​IMG]
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    Man I can't thank you guys enough. Great info in this thread. I really appreciate it!

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