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    Hello All.

    I'm a Canadian that has been living in Ecuador, South America for the last 3 years.

    My wife just purchased a NESCO Dehydrator and I wanted to try making Jerky and came upon this page.

    I have had a great interest in eating smoked meat of any kind and in the future I might try making it myself. Not sure what I would build for smoker but I am sure that I will find lots of ideas on here and elsewhere on the net.

    Thanking everyone in advance for the help that I know that I will get on this site.


  2. Hello Bill!!

    Wow what leap- Canada to Ecuador! I've made jerky lots of times on a dehydrator, it was delicious. You are in the right place to learn, these guys know all there is to know about that stuff. South America has a very strong tradition of live fire cooking, the best steak I ever ate was in Columbia about 9 years ago.

    Here is a whole sub-furum dedicated to building smokers of every kind and budget type. I personally am in the middle of collecting everything I need to build an UDS (ugly drum smoker), just waiting for the fire danger to drop down so I can burn it out.

    Glad to see you here!

  3. mrbill1955

    mrbill1955 Newbie

    Hi Patti

    I will have to go up to Columbia then as it is hard to find good beef in Ecuador. The have mainly Brahma cows here and they don't seem to age their beef either. They also don't butcher the same way. They just seem to hack off a piece of meet any old way. Hoping the beef that I bought for my first batch of Jerky will be edible. It can be dog treats if nothing else.

    Built a concrete block pit BBQ at a friends bar a while back and did some pork shoulder and some ribs in it that came out great. Their pork is good here. These ribs came with the bacon still attached.. 8 hrs in the pit and they were gorgeous. Might start with that at the house and go from there. 

    Thanks for the welcome

  4. Bummer!! Well there's nothing wrong with pork!!! Sounds delish!

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