so much for keilbasa, now pulled pork

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  1. Well, it all started over a week ago, was going to have a small dinner at church for the preecher, 4 year anniversary being there. Had a small dinner planned and had figured on making up some fresh keilbasas for 15-25 people. Well, got a call thursday evening that there was a death in the community and they were going to use our church for the services and were planning a dinner for sunday after the funeral services. So, without knowing how many will be there and it being pretty much a pot luck thing, I picked up some more pork today and now have 18lbs in smoker. Rubbed with jeffs rub, into smoker on 225 on hickory. I'm figuring about 5 hours smoke and let it ride unfoiled as enjoy a evening of sleep. Once the alarm on the maverick goes off, then I'll pull it out. Here's a shot of it as it went in over a hour ago.

  2. 4 hours 15 mintues in. 

  3. almost 8 hours in, pushin 2am here, girls and me been burning up gta 5 for several hours now. time for bed. i'll get a shot later when it comes out too.

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  5. Looks pretty good to me

  6. thanks yall,

    i'll try to get my last pic up before midnight. didn't get a shot as it came out, only after it got pulled. had to quick finish last 10d in oven to get it done/pulled in time to get to funeral dinner. not a single niblet came home out of all of it. 

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    Very Nice
  8. last shot pulled.....

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    Awesome looking pp.
  10. thank you sir. little dry to my liking but still was great. 
  11. did u add a little liquid to the pan when serving?.. that way you could rotate the meat around so everyone could get a moist portion. anytime i bring pulled pork to a get together i always make sure at least 1 cup of some liquid goes in the bottom of the pan. and rotate right before serving to bring up the moist pork to the top. either way it looks pretty good to me.
  12. Looks pretty good from here. [​IMG]

    I add some of the "drippings" back in after pulling as well to help with the moistness. 
  13. yup, i had drippings and stirred it up but it was still a bit dry, need to add more drippins back to it next time. was still pretty dadgum good......

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