smoking meat dilema

Discussion in 'For New Members' started by djbsmoker, Mar 15, 2015.

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    Trying to make a Serbian sausage called Sremska. First batch came out right color smoked for 3+ hours raising degrees by 10 per 45-an hour was a very mild sausage. It's the more orange one Second batch smoked for 4+ hours raising the temp 5 degrees every hour. Both times sausage removed when internal temp was 152 and then immediately cooled. Second batch came out much spicier and much darker in color. Both batches the sausage came out “mushy”  (see images)The sausage is supposed to have a firmer texture. Any ideas of what could have happened ?


  2. What recipe did you use? Did you allow the ground meat or stuffed sausages to rest overnight before smoking? Have you checked your thermometer for accuracy lately? Might be a bit off. Looks like it can also be a dry cured sausage. There will be a big difference between a cooked/smoked sausage vs a dry cured one, if thats what you were expecting?

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