Smoking beef brisket question?

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  1. Has anyone tried separating the point and flat sections of a brisket before smoking, and then smoking both pieces in the same smoker. Would that cut down the time of the smoke, since each piece will only weigh about 5-6 lbs as opposed to 10-12 lbs for a whole brisket. This may cut down the smoking time to 6-8 hrs vs 12-14 hrs. What about burnt ends? What do most of you guys do for burnt ends?


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  4. Thanks Kat for the separation of point and flat information. Have you ever cooked a brisket separated like this and would the cooking times be shorter. I uusally get my WSM at 250 F and do most of my smokes at this temp. How do you do burnt ends?


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    When I've done burnt ends I separate the point from the flat at like 195 IT. I then cut the point into small 2x2ish inch cubes and reapply the rub. Then they go back on the smoker and cook for a maybe couple more hours, or till they look like burnt ends. I can tell when they are done because I end up sampling them from time to time right off the grill. Just give em a go, you won't ever be sorry for making burnt ends.
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