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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by richoso1, May 19, 2011.

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    Seaside Poultry Brine


    Per Gal. Of Water:


    ½ cup kosher salt

    ½ cup brown sugar

    6 heaping tbsp of Crab/shrimp boil mix

     6 whole pods of NM green chile roasted and peeled w/out stems.


    Boil and stir well, then put brine in fridge to cool. Add poultry when brine has cooled. Brine parts or whole poultry for 6-9 hrs.


    After 9 hours, I removed the thighs and rinsed them in cold running water. I then patted them dry. They went back into the fridge for another hour, When I took them out of the fridge, I put them on a rack on let them air dry a little more for about ten minutes. before putting them in the smoker


    I ran the GOSM at close to 350°, using two chunks of apple mixed with some RO. First pic of thighs was at the 1-½ hour mark; this includes the time for the smoker to come up to temp.



    The second pic was at the 2-hour mark; I pulled the rack and placed it on the table. I went into the house to get the camera, and when I returned, my five buddies had already gotten into the chicken. It was like a meat filled piñata, at a pit bull party. So, there is no presentation pic, just the before and no after.


    The third pic is of my smokin’ senorita, Susie Q.


    The texture of the skin was on the crispy side, but not bite through. The meat was very moist, with a nice flavor blend of smoke and the shrimp/crab mix. There was just a hint of heat from the NM chile pods. This I got from a single piece that my Friends left me.


    Thanks for your time, and pic friends that aren’t real hungry.


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    Awesome Rich, looks like Susie-Q came through again! Great looking thighs!
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    Your thighs look great Rich,They're my favorite part...........well, Wings too!

    Thanks for sharin'
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    Susie-Q has beautiful thighs. She must work out a lot !

  5. raptor700

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    LOL............Good one Bear  [​IMG]
  6. tyotrain

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    looks good.. Nice job you and susie Q did [​IMG]
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    Looks good,  Susie-Q done good...
  9. richoso1

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    bear you stole my line!
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    Great post Rich - I cant imagine Suzie Q could be any happier
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    Looks great Rich

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