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  2. Hello from the midlands ( please view my profile ).  This same company has a couple different smokers and at several different prices so watch which you order.  See their other items.  You can get that same smoker from the same place for a cheaper price.  I actually looked into this smoker myself.  I contacted the company in Germany.  The problem with these other than being small is that they are not intended for use over 90c.. For pork butts and briskets you need to be around 105 - 110c..  They are thin metal without insulation so heat loss will be tremendous and also harder to maintain heat in winter.  If smoking cheese and maybe some sausage and or salmon is your aim then should probably work, but remember that meat smoked at low temps must include a cure of some kind.  Bradley smokers can easily be found in the U.K. but they start at double that price.  Google shop meat smoker.  If you are a bit handy with tools and adventurous you could build your own.  I bought an offset charcoal smoker here but am know building a propane fridge smoker so I can smoke even in the lovely British weather.  This site will give you ideas on several different types of builds, just search the forums.  I will be happy to help if I can and our many members are also very helpful.  Just remember to post picts. of your build as we are a nosey bunch like to peek. [​IMG]  Actually picts help when trying to solve problems and offer advice.  We also like the QView.  Good luck and let me know if I can help.
  3. I did wonder on the quality/heat of the smoker being only £150.

    Also I keep getting contradictory advice on curing meat for smoking. I originally thought all meat needs cure so bought some of that Prague powder #1 for hot or cold smoking (although not used it yet) then been told only cold smoked meat that your not going to cook after needs cure and you don't need to cure hot smoked food since the heat keeps the bugs in check so somewhat confused now since on here people say cure all meat and on UK forums they say only cure some cold smoked foods???
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  4. The folks here are not recommending curing all meat.  Do some reading in the curing forum.  The concensus seems to be the 40-140-4 rule, so long as the outside if the meat is not pierced.  From the fridge to internal temperature of 140 in under 4 hours.  These temps are in fahrenheit.  Here is a link to to a discussion:   The people involved know their stuff.  There are more references in this site.  Hope it helps.  Good Luck.
  5. Another word on curing, Prauge powder can can be poisonous if not used properly.  ALWAYS FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS EXACTLY.  Do some more reasearch on here before you use it.  Knowledge is power and the folks here have plenty and are willing to share.  Good Luck.

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