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  1. Hey Everyone, Happy New Year to all !

    For many years I've been making thin crust pizza using flour tortilla shells as the crust. Had the thought while working ( I know, supposed to stay focused on work right?  Not smoking food ha ! ) that it might be real tasty to smoke the shells before making the pie.

    I always had pre-baked the tortillas in the oven for a good crispy crust.  Seemed like the smoker should work as well. However I was questioning whether they would be crispy if I did them at a low temp to allow more time for smoke absorption or if they would turn to cardboard.

    Whipped out my handy dandy search bar to see what I could learn and, lo and behold.....nothing posted on smoking tortillas [​IMG]

    Finding myself in uncharted waters there was nothing to do but forge ahead and pray.

    Whipped up some crushed garlic and butter and slathered it on the shells

                                                                                                 Sliced up the shrooms to go in the smoker as well

    Decided to start the shrooms in the smoker about 20 minutes before putting the shells in, figgered they'd take a bit longer. Chamber temp at beginning about 275*. As this would be a relatively short smoke I wanted the wood chips ( used hickory ) generating a bit more smoke than the thin blue. When I put the shells in I dropped the chamber temp to 170* to allow the shells more time to absorb smoke without over cooking.

    While the smoke was happening it was time to prep  the rest of the ingredients.  Simmered some 3 cheese sketty sauce and added chopped onion, fresh garlic, Italian seasonings and a generous pool of Merlot...

           While I was tending the sauce my Lady prepped the other stuff.          Smoked mozzerella cheese - YUM !

    Turned the heat up in the smoker for last 10 minutes to crisp the shells. Chamber temp to 275* again. They came out perfect.

    Time to build the pies.  The smokey garlicky smells in our kitchen were amazing !

    15 minutes in the oven at 425*

                                                                                                                  Dinner is SERVED !!  [​IMG]

    We were extremely happy with the outcome. These were the best pies I've ever made. Also glad I had the forethought to make 4 shells instead of just 2. Guess what's for dinner tonight ?   Happy Smokin' Everyone !!!
  2. Those look awesome. How long in all did you smoke the tortillas for?
  3. Thanks Earthquake [​IMG]

    About 45 minutes. They came out perfect. Well loaded with smokey goodness

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