Smoked Sentiments For This Lovely Weekend!!!!

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  1. Well Happy FRIDAY You Cute Fabulous Cookies!!!!

    And for anyone who hasn't joined this "WINOS" group by now, then just by all means please do so!

    Because it's free!

    And because all human beings (and dogs) are most certainly welcome here!

    And because we don't ever, "Drink and Tell" over here! (How about that)????!!!!????

    And yet at the same time, if you will JUST come join in on the blessed fun, and too, share your great smokes and daily sips with all who look in, then you will not in ANY crazy and complicated way, be indeed "graded" on what it is your drink or think or do "blink" about per se.

    And so come join us! You'll see! We are great FUN!!!!!!!!!!!

    While not in any way, "graded" per se; everyone WILL indeed be poured some luscious wine, served a succulent smoked platter or two, and invited to the table! 

    And so, the choice is yours!

    Meanwhile, Happy Friday to all! 

    And here's today's so simple yet really tasty, "Smoked coho salad, with soft Boston Bib," and paired with Red Burgundy (which is Pinot Noir) for my dear husband, and then White Burgundy, (which is Chardonnay) that was for me!

    Wine trivia/lessons about what grape varietals indeed do translate to aside, here is a big "Cheers!!!!!!!"

    And Happy Weekend!!!!! - Leah

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  2. disco

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    Great looking salad, Leah. When I was raised there was only one kind of lettuce, iceberg. I thought I hated salad as it had no taste!

    I had major dental work yesterday so it was She Who Must Be Obeyed at the helm in the kitchen. She made a great oil and vinegar coleslaw that highlights quality veggies makes a better salad. It didn't hurt that it was served with lasagna, garlic bread and a Valpolicella for me and a Verdicchio for the missus. One day she will embrace red wine.

    As for a great weekend, us retired people don't get weekends or days off. Sigh. It is a rough life. Excuse me, I think the tea is ready.

  3. Hilarious Disco!!! (Retired folks, and tea)!

    Here's to your fantastic and soft menu, (which probably was just right after dental work - may that heal thus and rapidly), and here is to finding exciting salads, indeed!

    I still marvel at how you two grow your own garlic!

    For that alone, I think "retirement" is golden!

    Happy Friday!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cheers! - Leah
  4. Happy Saturday Disco!!!

    I MEANT to comment yesterday too, about the great vino choices you both had!

    It's funny, for decades, I would ONLY drink RED wine, not even touching white at a tasting I conducted, and only only red!

    Now I am a White Burgundy devotee and only want some BIG and incredible reds once a year or so! Too funny!

    All this to say, tell your wife that I toast her thus, and with WHITE!

    OK, off to smoke up today's epic feast!!!

    Cheers to you "Retired" folk (that was hysterical) in the north!!! - Leah
  5. disco

    disco Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    I joke with the missus that people who like white wine don't have educated palates. She hits me. I admit I'm wrong and life goes on! I enjoy a nice white but love the big bold reds. We are both drinking more to kill the pain of the delayed end of winter here.
  6. Too funny!

    While I promise not to go on and on about this subject, I MUST indeed share, that I too, felt (and for DECADES) that "white" wine drinkers must really have a disrespect for wine!

    I made more urine jokes, asked at parties, "Why is it WHITE???" and was downright repulsed by the first few seasons of the "Real Housewives" (stopped watching once the fighting and such took over the whole theme practically) but initially, I was turned off not by the mere superficial Botox bupkiss of it all, but by the fact that most of the women were drinking "white wine!"

    I did not get it.

    Was it a fear to stain their teeth?

    I knew not.

    When about 42, (will be 44 in just some days), I was ironically on my way - driving - to Massachusetts, to conduct a very lovely wine tasting at a country club.

    I looked up briefly en route, in the little car "rearview mirror" and saw a funny line across - squiggly - my nose, (a broken capillary) and was shocked, horrified, stunned, concerned, and so forth. 

    In any event, I'd later learn that white wine dilates one's face WAY less than red, and thus breaks less of those!

    I'd learn that less sugar, calories, and TONS LESS histamines existed in white - hence sinuses could improv considerably without "stopping all wine."

    BUT, I HATED whites and couldn't fathom, even in the name of health and such, drinking it in any way.

    Along came White Burgundy.

    I was changed forever. I'll drink "some" Champagnes as well, now and then. But WOW, what a very different wake up call and wonderful thing!

    (OH, and then I learned that eating snails and oysters once a week, would take care of that skin, without doing pricy doctor things etc., coupled with switching to WHITE wine versus red).

    And as for eating snails and oysters once a week and drinking White Burgundy every day?

    Well, I'll put that right up there with chores like.."retirement!"

    OK, forgive the book length, although it's interesting stuff!

    To white wine drinkers therefore! (I break tradition a bit, for REALLY wonderful reds, now and then, but daily keep it mostly to my white now).

    Happy weekend!!!

    Cheers!!! - Leah 
  7. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    A Very Pretty Salad---Both Tasty & Healthy!![​IMG]


  8. Thank you Bear!!!! And happy weekend!!!

    I'm still musing on your fantastic "Bear Attack" posting! That made my entire Friday indeed!

    Cheers to today!!! - Leah
  9. foamheart

    foamheart Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Happy Saturday since I somehow missed this yesterday!  That is not only a beautiful table but its looks so clean, so light, so delicious.

    It reminds me of me. Usually if when eating out if I get a Remoulade Salad I get the sauce on the side because they are normally too heavy. A salad you allow you to enjoy those crisp fresh light flavors not heavy sauces and condiments.

    Excellent Plate Leah..... Personally I like sweet whites especially the Rieslings (all three pickings), or the opposite end on the spectrum the  Rhine's. LOL All those bland middle of the road Whites that just have little or no flavors don't assume me.

    Never a fan of reds till about 10 years ago a friend gave me a Pinot Noir from Oregon, it was so earthy I couldn't believe how much I liked it. I liked it 4 bottles that first night, LOL till we ran out of breathing time....LOL

    Now I am rambling, as always a beautiful plate Leah, and an excellent choice for a meal.
  10. Thank you so much Foamheart!

    I do like things done minimalistically too! (Although I like a HUGE meal, as to really eat one big thing a day and then not have too much afterward - little things only then, but for once or twice a month when I proclaim it "LATE NIGHT LAMB CHOP FEVER" and we have to fire up the smoker or grill, and have an ENORMOUS second meal, despite earlier on).

    Nonetheless, it's nice to hear from others who enjoy whites!

    And Pinot Noir, (which is the grape that makes "Red Burgundy" in France) is a crowdpleaser to many, and so I'm not stunned that you had quite the wonderful evening getting acquainted with it! Smiles.

    Such fabulous stories! I always enjoy your scribe!!!

    Happy Saturday to you!!! Cheers!!! - Leah
  11. knuckle47

    knuckle47 Meat Mopper

    My amazing grandmother and I made wine so she would show me how to carry on her deeply rooted traditions. When I had asked her if she wanted to make white wine from the muscat grapes, she replied " no, that wine makes you crazy ". I'd later figure out that she was referring to the fact that the higher sugar content of those grapes made a higher alcohol content in the wine and thusly impacted your faculties more with the same sized glass.

    She had some great ways of saying some things, in the old world way. Despite the terrific wines we'd made, she probably may have had a cumulative total of 6 ozs. In her entire 99 years !

    My rare foray into less than red wine was the infamous Mateus Rose...and that was in the early 1970's went well paired with panama red!
  12. Hah!! (Knuckle47) and your wild cannibal or "cannabis" 70's days - that funky shaped bottle paired alongside! I can picture it now!

    And while both Muscat and then also Mateus Rose would be too sweet for me, (I'm one of those weirdos who adores bone-dry wine), your stories - and GRANDMOTHER too - all sounded fantastic!

    Such a fun group over here in Wino land! I love hearing about everyone's vino tales! Tremendous stuff!!!

    Thank you for sharing!!!

    Happy new week!!!

    It is both raining AND snowing right now as I do type, although "A day without wine is like a day without sunshine" as said by, Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, and so within some fine hours, a crisp cold White Burgundy should fix all things right up!

    Cheers!!!! - Leah

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