Smoked, seared fillet mignon

Discussion in 'Grilling Beef' started by butcherjuj, May 25, 2016.

  1. butcherjuj

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    I got a whole tenderloin yesterday, plan to cook it Saturday for company.  I'm seeing a lot of different versions of similar ideas here, would love to hear your favorite.  I took some ideas from several recipes and I'm looking for suggestions.  This is only my third round since I got my smoker, so I'm for sure a newbie.  But Saturday's my birthday, and I deserve this, right?

    My plan is to cut it into nice thick 2-3" steaks, possibly soak them in olive oil overnight, wrap them in bacon with some salt, pepper and garlic rub, then throw them on the WSM 22.5" at about 225-250 for an hour or so.  120 degrees?  Less. 

    Then I'm thinking I'll take them out, and rest them for a while (half an hour?) in the fridge, then put them on a nice, hot, cast iron skillet (butter?) for a minute or so and make them nice and seared, then drop them in a hot (450?) oven on a baking sheet for a few minutes.


    Thank you all, I've been all over this site since before I fired up my smoker the first time.

  2. b-one

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    Why not just smoke,sear,rest and serve? Not sure if your bacon will crisp up very well either. Any reason to to soak in oil overnite,not that I can think of. I would cook till close to your desired level of doneness then sear rest and eat,do you have a calibrated thermometer to track your temps wireless is the best bet like a maverick 733 or Igrill. Ever think about cooking some as steak and a nice chunk as a roast? Hope you have fun on your bday!Thumbs Up
    If you haven't had one look for a Tri tip they are great reverse seared and you will have a more flavorful,IMHO,cut of meat.
  3. butcherjuj

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    I do have both of those thermometers, and yes, they'll be involved.  Yes, roast has been considered, won't get all the way through it in one meal.  We'll get to tri tip, haven't had one since the smoker arrived.  Did a brisket the first time.  Had to start somewhere.

    So, 250 degree smoker to about 120 degrees, then (no rest) sear (rest now, wrapped?  And for how long?) and go?
  4. b-one

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    Rest no wrap 3-5 min is plenty for a steak to rest you don't want go eat it cold. :biggrin:
    Most of the time my steak rests only long enough to walk inside load my plate and snap a pic.
  5. b-one

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    Another idea would be to put your steaks in the freezer for a bit don't freeze but get them super cold for a longer smoke bath I have been doing it with Tri tips and they have been great!
  6. butcherjuj

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    Good point.  Thanks for that.

    My concern was that my skillet isn't big enough for as many steaks as I'm serving, But that's gonna be the challenge. 

    Smoke in the kitchen might get me in trouble with my lovely wife, too...
  7. smokinal

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    Why not smoke to 115-120, then right on a hot grill to finish them up.

  8. gotch

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