Smoked pickled eggs

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  1. I'm wanting to try smoked pickled eggs. I have looked online and have found 3 different methods. #1 Smoke the uncooked eggs first and then peel and pickle them. #2 Boil and peel the eggs first, smoke, then pickle. #3 Boil and peel the eggs first, pickle, then smoke. Has anyone tried any of these methods? Which do you prefer? Some of the reviews I have read say that smoking the uncooked eggs first leaves very little smoke taste.
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    Welcome to the fray......on your ?, I'm not sure any method, once pickled, will allow the smoke flavor to shine through. I know some guys will smoke HB'ed eggs them make an egg salad or some such and call it good. IMO, that vinegar is all you will taste when all is said and done. Perhaps another user here has done it and can attest to the results. I do know, having made gallons of hot & spicy pickled eggs, that the vinegar definitely pulls the heat out no matter how much crushed red pepper, Siracha or chili garlic sauce I add into the mix.....Willie
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    Chef is correct on spicing pickled eggs.  If you want hot ones, you have to crank the heat up.  I use ghost and other peppers in mine.  "Bible School Eggs"

    I quite often smoke picked eggs. They can be smoked whole of course. If making deviled eggs, by halving the eggs and removing the yolk before smoking a much larger surface area is created on the whites allowing more smoke to be captured.


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