Smoked Corned Beef

Discussion in 'Michigan Members Group' started by daver1208, Apr 24, 2013.

  1. Hi All,

    New the forum.  Here are some shots of a corned beef brisket, I recently smoked for St. Pat's Day. I saved the half of the point and ended up making a corned beef hash breakfast tacos for the traditional Tigers Opening Day festivities..

  2. Welcome to the forum! Very nice corned beef. My favorite!
  3. THANKS!!  Normally I am not the biggest fan of corned beef, but the smoke does amazing things...This will be a St. Pat's/Opening Day tradition!
  4. How long and what temp did you cook it at?
  5. Hey Kingfishman,

    My target cooking temp for the corned beef brisket was about 235 degrees, with fluctuations between 220 and 250.  It took about 16.5 hours to cook to an internal temp of 175 degrees.  I ended up wrapping the brisket in foil for the last 90 minutes as the temp plateaued.  Once the brisket hit 175, I took it out and let it rest in the foil and an insulated bag, bringing the temp to about 180.
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    Looks good Daver1208

    Say......that kitchen looks familiar. And that corn beef looks just like the kind I had on St. Patty's Day and opening day. lol

    You didn't tell me you joined! Glad to have ya pal!
  7. Corned beef is my absolute favorite. I must get one on the smoker this year!

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