Slicer Blade Sharpening Advice Needed

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    I got an old Globe 660 slicer a couple of weeks ago. It had been in storage and someone wanted to get rid of it. Everything seems to work fine. However, I've never used a slicer like this and need advice on sharpening the blade. It has the stones and I've figured out how to move them in place but I just need to get some tips on what to do and not to do from you guys who have slicers.

    I contacted Globe customer service by email and they were as helpful as they could be via email and told me if I called their Tech Support line someone there could help me. Problem is, with my work schedule I'm never at home during their business hours.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Move the sharpener in place. Turn the slicer on for about a min. Turn it off and switch to the honing stone. Turn it on for abour 5 sec.

    That should have you up and running good.

    You can do a utube search for your model and sharpening. I'd bet their is a video you can watch.

    Happy smoken.


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