Simple spice smoked almonds

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  1. After a brief conversation with Leah, here on SMF earlier,

    I decided to smoke a large packet of almonds that I had bought a week or two back.

    "Nothing too fancy" I thought, as I mixed equal parts of sea salt, coarse black pepper, and soft dark brown sugar, that I would use for seasoning.

    I put the almonds into a saucepan/mixing bowl, and added a small amount of EVOO. I then stirred the almonds around and around, until they were all completely covered in a thin coat of oil.

    I then shook some of the seasoning over them and tossed and turned them. I then added some more seasoning, then continued to toss and stir the almonds until the seasoning coated them all fairly evenly:

    I then transferred the almonds to a wire basket, to allow the smoke to penetrate them all:

    Note the artful use of depth of field in this photo [​IMG] No phone pics here [​IMG]

    So I got the smoker up to 225F, and started the smoke with some applewood.

    After that had finished smoking, I added some beechwood, which to me, is the noticeable flavour, as I am eating them, the total smoke time being 2hrs.

     So below are 2 images of the finished smoked almonds, which taste superb - better than anything I've bought in a shop.

    and a close-up...

    They don't look much different, but they taste great [​IMG]

    I'm drinking cranberry and raspberry juice at the moment, but I will have to have a glass of red quite soon........ just to see how it goes with the almonds of course!
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  3. Thanks Goliath.

    Scarbelly's sweet spicey nuts are on my list of to-do's.

    My problem is I cant stop eating them!!
  4. Oh WOW!!!!

    Now these look so beautiful that I want some right now!!!

    And yes, your photography is sensational!!!

    It looks like texture wise even, they came out so perfectly! (They don't look too dry or soft or anything except for absolutely gorgeous)!

    These, some wine, perhaps a cheese (if you eat cheese??) would be so lovely together! But just on their own even, these must be addictive!!!

    I loved the ingredients of sea salt and olive oil and black pepper! Fantastic!

    Thank you tons for sharing these as they look even better than they sounded, and they sounded superb!!!

    I love it!!!

    Cheers!!!!! - Leah
  5. Hi Leah,

    thanks - it was funny how when I was tasting them just as they were finishing in the smoker, they were a bit soft, but after and hour or so, they had developed a lovely crunch, which is what I wanted.

    I like the way you set your food out to photograph as it is more like 'food photography' as I know it. Something I shall endeavour to do more in the future, before I eat it all!
  6. Thank you Andy!

    While I don't have a fancy camera, or "Photoshop" or such either, and thus have these unaltered pictures, often with lighting or lack thereof (from eating super early in the morning and having it still be dark out and without much light coming in from the window) a little foggy; I've come to enjoy seeing what things, people and places authentically looked like - versus retouching and such.

    That doesn't always make for "Vogue" magazine covers mind you, (smiles), but there's something interesting and unadulterated in that view/angle too.

    In any event, thank you very much and here is to your wonderful almond creation! I think you could sell those, as they look better than anything commercially done!

    Cheers!!!!!! - Leah

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