should I fix what I have or get a Horizon? or Lang

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  1. 1st I hope I'm posting in the right place. I have been using the Brinkmann tmle horizontal smoker for 2 1/2, 3 years now. Not a bad smoker, I really didn't have to do much to it, sealed it and thats about it. Never have been able to do a long burn though without putting wood in every 45 min. to an hour.I can't get the ash drawer sealed up and it has lots of air coming in. Heck its hard to keep my temps at 200 degrees or lower.Any how kinda getting sick of it, seems like the older it gets the more work its becoming and not that much fun smoking. I have stopped doing briskets and such just because I hate doing long smokes. And the wood I go through is crazy!

      So  do I do some mods and work on it and try to make it better(I don't think it can get much better, cheap ,thin ,etc) or what do you all think of the Horizon 16" classic smoker. I've been eye balling it for a while. Seems like a well built smoker. and I would think it would hold the heat better then the brinkmann and maybe not use as much fuel. And I can find it here in town.

      What do you all think?
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    From everything that I have seen and read in my research, the Horizon is good quality. The only bad marks that I have seen is customer service. If you are dealing with Bass Pro Shop, you should be OK. Look closer at the 20". I think bigger is better when you consider smoking area.

    Good Luck. Let us know what you decide and send some pics. Joe
  3. Thanks Joe! Went to Bass to get the Horizon and left empty handed. Looked at the 16 and the 20, thinking the 20 would be to big and a waste of fuel but the 16 looks so small so am scared I wont have enough room for all the meat. Also both unitshad great welds and seemed like they were all that untill I looked at the ash door. They both had a gap all the way around the door. I don't see how it would seal.

     So I've been looking around and the Lang 36 Patio has really got my interest. I need to see how long it would take to build and what shipping would be. If it would be under $1500 I might go for the Lang.
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    You might also check out the Bell fab units. They will build anything that you want. They are built by hand and one at a time. Great work and finish[
    [/B]. They are in Tulsa OK and the freight will be less than Many. Email or call Craig Bell. He is very knowledgeable and a nice guy to talk with. He is building one for me now. Good luck, Joe

    NOT MANY, I meant to type LANG
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    I looked at the Horizon units at Bass Pro and liked it very much. The 16 looks very small to me, and I would have run out of room very quickly. You won't go wrong by getting a slightly bigger model, and the amount of wood you would use over the 16" version is negligible, considering how well the 1/4" steel holds the heat. Better to have too much room, than not enough. But if you can get a Lang, that would definitely be the way to go, as you would get the upper shelf and almost double your cooking area, and the reverse flow is just awesome. You may also look at the Old Country BBQ Pits smokers from Academy Sports, the Wrangler is 3/16" steel and $500, but it was too small for me, and I had a hard time keeping my temps low enough, but the Pecos model is a bit bigger, and $100 less, but does have a bit thinner steel. They are the best bargains out there for the money, and definitely worth looking into.
  6. Thanks all for the input. Kinda looks like the lang will be more then I want to spend so Ithink its out.still trying to decide on the horizon's. I was told by the guy at Bass that they might take some off the price because of the door so there's a plus! Lol. I'll keep ya all informed on what I get and thanks for all your help.

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