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  1. 1. I am looking for inspiration on how to build some shelves for my smoke house. I will have the normal routed side boards to hold dowels near the top. I want to add trays for smoking layers of jerky in it. I was figuring on buying a sheet of concrete screen and cutting the trays out of it. I was not sure how I would best support all these trays every 2" or so and wanted advice.

    2. Wife wife wants me to ask, [​IMG] if I should use a catch pan at the bottom. She says ants will be all over it, ect and ect. I figured a catch pan is might block the smoke some, but what do I know.

    3. Another thought came to mind while trying to finish this. I thought of buying an 1/8" steel plate to sit over the foundation, between the wood. Cut a 2" hole in the top that I can use as a damper. I can place a whole chicken or what ever in the bottom, add the top plate and turn the base block into a hot smoker and the smoke house just become a big chimney for this cook. Thoughts?
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    Hi, I just drilled out a bunch of the dowel holders

    put five on each side. 

    Put the dowels on them at least two each, I use 

    three usually.

    Then I went and found some old scrapped kitchen

    stoves and took the racks out of them.

    Some were to wide and I sawed them off.

    ground the ends nice and smooth.

    They work great.

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    Hi AR, I got to thinking last night about you using

    the concrete screen for your trays.

    Be very careful that the stuff is not galvanized,

    in the presence of heat the stuff is poisonous.

    I get mine from Wally World in the grilling section.

    Here's a pic.

    They are, I think about $4.00 for three of them.


    They are meant to be throw aways but I've been using mine for

    quite awhile now.

    They can be a pain to clean, but not bad and they work great for

    jerky, pretzels and many things.

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  5. I got a 21" x 24 deep area to add racks. I tried looking online and found nothing, fast. I wanted to be able to put a bunch of trays in it when I made jerky, whole meat sliced. and use it for other things.

    Gearjammer, how big are those grates 9x9? I looked up my local wallys world online, but didn't see anything.

    I thought about doing the dowels, but was hopping to make it a simpler system
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    The dowels are really simple to do.

    I used a 2x2 marked out where I wanted the dowels.

    Then drill holes in them on your marks.

    Make the holes big enough so your dowel will fit through it.

    Take the whole part and rip it into two pieces

    each one makes two pieces.

    Cut right through the center of the holes.

    The racks are 12x151/4 and are in the grilling section.

    If they don't have them, I'll bet you can find them online.

    They are not a Wally World product, I have seen them other places.

  7. I started on making my shelves and went to the metal shop and "flat" expanded metal sheet and 3/4" angle x 1/8" and that came in 20' lenths so I just had them cut it in 10' lengths so it fit in my truck better. I only needed 8' lengths, but its cost more to have them cut it than having the 2' scrap I can use later one. I was only going to buy 21" x 48" sheets of expanded metal but its just as keep to buy a full sheet as to have it cut. The guy told me the shear cost $6k to sharpen and they charge accordingly to use it. I cost as much for a full sheet at $50 to have any piece of it cut off. I bought 1/2 x#13 FLAT expanded metal

    The image is a little degraded from the upload and resizing but here is one stick of 3/4" angle cut with notches to fold it for the frame of the trays. The notches are cut on 45° angles and spaced as shown below.


    Here is it seconds later after being bent to the frame shape.

    Two of them made and welded. These made up real fast and I only bought two stick of 3/4 and should have just bought the 4 and I would have been done all of it already. They we cut to be 21" x 25" but turned out to be 21.25" by 25.25" as the folding added a 1/8" on each side. I have 21.5" of width and they fit nice and tight, luckily I didn't try and make them tight.

    I ground the corners with the angle grinder and cut the expanded metal , dropped it in from the bottom and welded to teh frame with a tack and let that tack ball touch the expanded metal which melts much easier and holds it in place.

    Now I just need to season them with oil. I tried building a fire and using lard over it and that was a failure. I think I am going to buy large propane torch for the 10# tanks and season it with that and canola oil.
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  8. The wife wanted a drip pan as I was told, ants cleaning the smokehouse, was, not, acceptable! :)

    I bought a 2x3 and cut 2' off, drill it with a 7/8" forstner bit and then split it in half to use half for each side. Cut 3/4" dowel for the drip pan support, as you see it.

    This is a half of a piece for duct work from home depot. I marked it all out and cut it with the snips so I would have a 21" x 25" drip pan. The metal was folder over that the top and has tabs on the corners with pop rivets. It would slowly leak if full of water at the corners, but its just a catch, not a water pan. The bottom supports for the drip pan were set on 2x4 when screwed in and the 2x4 was removed. Heat and smoke can flow around to the side, behind and up the door.

    HD had 1x2x8' cedar boards for 4.50 and I bought 2 and cut them to 24" and counter sunk and drilled them for the mounting holes. Two more trays to make the smoke house is full. I think with 4 trays I should be able to dry cure and entire deer at one time. :) or use them for jerky, or remove the trays and hang snack sticks or bologna.

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