Shelf life?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by frankp, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. I've got a container of sauce I made and was curious if there is a shelf life that it should not be used after?
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    This has been answered many times and it all depends on the type of sauce and the ingredients in the sauce.  The sauce will have about the same shelf life as the main ingredients.  For instance, if you used ketchup as the main ingredient and that ketchup expires in a week then the sauce won't last too much longer.  If it is vinegar based then it will have a very long shelf life (depending on how old the vinegar was).   Of course it also depends on how/where it is stored.
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    In the fridge most sauces are good for months.
  4. Thanks, I made Jeff's sauce and didn't want to waste what I had left over. Sorry if I asked a question that's been asked before but I'm not the best navigator on the computer :)

    thanks again..

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    No need to apologize.  With his sauce it should be good for months.  Note that it will get spicier as it sits. 
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    I have a question and I apologize if its been answered before, I couldn't seem to find this specific question answered. I always make my own mop and a few months ago I made a gallon of it and had about half left over so I kept the remaining unused in the same vinegar bottle and stuck it in the pantry with the rest of the vinegar. My question is how long will it last? Any ideas? ACV, brown sugar and some pepper flakes, maybe some garlic powder. If it weren't for the sugar I would worry to much about it. It smells like vinegar mop. It tastes like vinegar mop, but should I use it? It's either gotten better or gone bad. Thanks, BTW I'm cooking for about 80 people and don't want to be that guy, so I'll probably make some new for this smoke, but wondering if I should keep it for my use?

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