Refrigerator spicy pickles + spicy asparagus and carrots with pics

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    2 cups white vinegar

    6 cups water

    1/2 cup canning/pickling salt

    1 dried chili pepper

    1 tbs red pepper flakes

    2 tbs chopped onion

    1 jalapeno split halfway

    6 cloves garlic, lightly smashed to release flavors

    2 tbs pickling spice

    2 small sprigs of fresh dill

    25 pickling cucumbers

    -Clean and quarter cucumbers

    -Place sprig of dill bottom of your container (I use a large rubermade container as seen in pictures)

    -Bring everything else to a LIGHT boil. Soon as you see an type of slight roll it's ready.

    -Skim top of mixture for as much garlic and spices you can get, put what you can in bottom of container.

    -Load all your quartered cucumbers into container

    -Pour brine over the cucumbers and let sit out on counter without a top until room temp (approx 2 hours).

    -Put your container lid on and refrigerate for a few days. They're best at about 3 days and they're usually gone by day 4.

    For the asparagus and carrot mix there are only a few slight changes that I have found to work for me.

    -Add one extra cup of white vinegar

    -Take out the dill

    -And blanch the carrots for 90 seconds, the asparagus for 60 seconds.

    I didn't take pics of the normal asparagus I made but here is some of the "extra spicy" small container I made for myself. Same recipe with changes as stated above but added extra chili peppers, extra chili flakes, extra halve of a jalapeno, couple extra cloves of garlic and an extra tsp of pickling spice. Enjoy!

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    That is cool....thanks for sharing the recipe.  Nice pics too.

  3. ats32

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    No problem. It makes delicious pickles and that asparagus/carrot combo is primo with a bloody mary.

    Also forgot to add that you should always cut off the blossom end of the cucumber. Just about 1/16"-1/8" slice needed.
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