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  1. I'm trying to recreate a recipe from a bar and grill in my home down. It was a spicy mustard. I heard that it contained dried mustard, dried horseradish and flat beer. But that's all I know. The old guy that made it has long since past away and his descendants don't think ha ever wrote it down.

    Have any of you every come across a recipe like this?
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    A whole lot of mustard recipes use the ingredients you specify. Was there something different about this specific mustard? Since I obviously have no way of knowing what it tasted like, my suggestion would be to start with a basic beer mustard recipe and then try to pin down what differs between it and the one you want to re-create. Most basic recipes consist of mustard seeds, mustard powder, liquid and flavorings.
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    Yes, the hunt is on I see. Many swear that beer makes a dry powder mustard hotter. I can't tell. The last batch I made was with Colemans dry & wine...tasty, not overly hot. I suggest YouTube for some very hot mustard vids that will make you laugh as well as inform. There is Chinese Hot Mustard powder available in most restaurant supply stores in 1 pound bags. I know some guys swear by that as their base. This guy cracked me up & informative as well
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    Hilarious, Thanks Willie. 

    Reminds me of making horseradish.

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    Thanks Chef! You made my day!

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