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  1.  I did this wing recipe tha was sent out on the newsletter along with a butt I was doing for pulled pork. The butt cane out fine but the chicken seemed to have a lighter fluid of chemical taste to it.  I was using an electric smoker running it just over 200 and using wood chips I got from Menards. I did not soak on water and it was Pecan.

    Any Ideas??

  2. Sounds to me like too much smoke on the chicken.  That lighter fluid taste can be caused by creosote from heavy smoke.  A Butt is more forgiving because it is much bigger. 

    I don't know whats in the rub you used.....any Rosemary? 

    Any pics of the wings? 

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  3. It was Jeff's rub. No rosemary. I was POURING the smoke to it as I was adding sauce and wood to get more smoke to the butt. So prob the smoke . Thanks!!
  4. Gotta be the smoke!   Was it a thicker whiter smoke?
  5. Yes sir....... Thought I was doing a good thing loading up on last minute smoke.....................
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    Scott got it right on!!!

    Many Many hours of light smoke is Great.

    However it doesn't take long for heavy smoke to be too much.

    Probably the mistake most often made by Newbies----Got me 5 years ago!!!   Never again!!

  7. Chicken takes about 2 hours at 250F and will take plenty of smoke (I use Apple, Cherry, Pecan, Almond and Oak for a mild flavor profile).   Your butt will smoke much longer, and while it's somewhat forgiving, you still want to give it TBS (thin blue smoke) and not that heavy white stuff. 

    Live and learn.....we have ALL been there and done that. 

  8. Thanks again Fellas. I am sure I will be pickin more brains around here.....................!
  9. That's what we are here for!!!

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    Bad smoke:

    Good smoke:

    Good luck and good smoking.
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    Felix , takes patience :

    smoke  . . .

    smoke .

    Have fun and . . .

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