Question on Smoking a Turkey?

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by teton smoker, Dec 24, 2009.

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    Merry Christmas!!! This is my first post. I hope you all are doing well this evening. This forum has been an incredible tool. I have learned so much reading the that couple of months.

    Is it possible to smoke a turkey to a temperature of around 140 to 150 and then pull it and refrigerate. Then the next day put it back in an oven and bake it slow at around 180 to 200 degree oven and bring it to 170.

    A friend wants a smoked turkey and wants to eat it on Christmas Day. I am not smoking on Chistmas Eve evening and Christmas Day I am roasting a whole hog in my pit so I have to do it tomorrow morning. I have done this a ham but never tried with a turkey.

    I usually put three or four pieces of thick bacon on the breast during the smoking process and cook the turkey for 30 min per pound. I also put some quartered onions, oranges, rosemary and fresh garlic in the cavity after I have brined it and rubbed it down with butter. Let me know what you guys think.
  2. gnubee

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    I don't know about 140f I think that is too close to the danger zone. 150f may be a little too close also. If it were me I'd take it to 160-165 then put it in the deep freeze to bring the temp down below 40f asap. When its been chilled off I'd pop it in the fridge then it'd be fine for cooking the next day.
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    I'd smoke it completely, referigerate, warm it up before eating. Just put a little liquid in the bottom of a roasting pan and cover with foil. Reheat long enough to take the chill off.

    It'll ruin your presentation, but I really prefer to cut my birds into pieces before reheating.

    Just curious...why can't you smoke a turkey and a pig at the same time on your cooker?
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    I'd do like both theses guys said. I would smoke it all the way to 165 in the breast and then take it and refrigerate quickly and get that temp down. Then re-heat in a pan with a grate in it and bsiclly steam it hot and you will be golden. I might know since thats my plan and my bird is fixin to go in right now.
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    Well how I do mine, smoke ta a breast temp a 155° an let it rest fer 30 minutes er so an carry over temps do the rest. After the rest time I then sit it in the fridge uncovered to cool off an loose some a the surface moisture. Then bag it an let er sit fer the night. Next mornin, pop it inta a roaster pan with a rack in the bottom, add a bit a water er apple cider then reheat at 325° till it's over 140° at least. There not as nice as bein done the day of, but it works.

    Merry Christmas an Good Smokes.

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