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Discussion in 'Mini-WSM' started by cgallagher, Oct 13, 2014.

  1. cgallagher

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    I have the IMUSA 32 quart steamer pot. It has worked ok but the Smokey Joe Gold lid is slightly too small. I have read about how several people have crimped their post.

    My questions is what suggestions others have for solving this issue?


    Can someone provide me with a video link or pictures for the process?
  2. b a doe

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    I used an IMUSA pot that had a glass lid, which was the only one I found in my area. It also was too tight, so I used a pair of vise grips and an old wash cloth. I doubled over the wash cloth & laid it over the top of the pot, then adjusted the vise grips so that it would crimp the rim slightly. Slowly I crimped all around the pot while moving the wash cloth to protect from scratching. After the first pass, I checked the fit, closed the vise grips a little tighter, and crimped around the pot again. I just kept repeating the process until I was happy with the fit of the Smokey Joe cover. It is a long, tedious process this way, but the end result is a pot that most people won't realize was crimped.

    FYI, once you get the lid to fit while it is cool, don't be surprised when it gets tight again when you are smoking since the heat expands the pot. You just need to make a few more passes.

    I'm sure there are many ways to do this. I was in the same situation you are now without any clear instructions, so I tried this method.

    Hope it helps, and let us know what you end up doing, and how it works out. I'm always looking for better ways of making my next Mini WSM.
  3. mdboatbum

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    I just used a pair of channel locks and gently bent the rim downward every inch or so around the circumference of the pot. First trip around got it close, but had to go around again to get a good fit. Key is go slowly and make small adjustments so you don't end up with a loose fitting leaky lid. Sorry no pics but the smokers put away and I don't feel like getting it out.
  4. mdboatbum

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    Here's a qview from a while back that shows the rim. You grab the rim with the channel locks from outside the pot and gently bend it downward. As another poster mentioned a towel would keep the rim from being marred by the pliers.
  5. brooksy

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    I guess I went about it a little different then other people. I took a rag and some channel locks and ever so slightly bent out my smoky Joe lid all the way around. Fits on pretty good now.
  6. tagalong

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    I used an angle grinder and made several passes around the outside of the rolled edge. Checking the fit after every 2nd pass. After I achieved a good fit I cleaned it up with a flat bastard file.
  7. I used a slotting grind wheel (1/16th inch), and using the inside of the pot as a guide, used a dremel tool with a guide face in place to cut the lip all the way around to a precise thickness.  If you are cutting 1/8th or more off the lip, a jig saw (with a shortened blade to clear the handles) and a steady hand can achieve similar results. 
  8. I used a 4" c-clamp to bend the rim in slightly.  Folded a strip of cardboard into a "U" 10-12 plies thick to protect the pot.  Put the cardboard over the rim, the c-clamp over the cardboard, cranked it down, loosened it up, moved it  ~3/4", clamped it down again...  Repeated all around the pot.

    Viewed from the bottom the gap between the rim & pot was about 3/16".  I cranked the c-clamp down until the rim touched the pot; when I removed the clamp it sprung back to a ~1/16" gap.

    Note: the rolled rim is stronger than the single-thickness pot wall, so it bent the top of the pot OUT as least as much as it bent the rim IN -- but the lid fits perfectly now.

    Good luck!
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