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  1. The wifey brought home a 5 lb rib end roast. Normally I would break it down into thick cut bone in chops or prepare it as a standing crown roast. 

    This one is the blade end.

    After removing the feather bones and studying the cut I determined the cap and the and blade portion would make  great carnitas. So seasoned with salt and pepper and onto the smoker at 325 for 2 hours suspended on a rack above a pan of water. 

    I then brought in in and broiled it in the oven long enough to get some good roasted flavor for its next stage. 

    It is now in my NO 8 deep skillet with the lid on cooking in some of the jus and some apple cider vinegar to cook at 325 until it is pull-able. 

    More to come..............

    After 1 hour I added 1 tsp chili powder, 1 tbsp paprika, and 1 tbsp minced garlic.  Covered and back into the oven another hour.

    It was removed from heat and allowed to rest in its juices for 2 hours. Once broken down and pulled I added some of the juices to the meat to finish.

    It not the first time with carnitas, but this piece was perfect. It will work great with pulled pork. It has shoulder meat, rib meat, loin, and a fatty cap muscle that offers flavor diversity itself. It almost mimics pulled pork from a pit cooked hog. At .89 / lb how can you go wrong?
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    Looks delicious!!

  3. Thanks AL 

    Yesterday was a busy day with the race, wrestling ppv, and walking dead so I didn't get any pics of the finished result other than when I pulled it and sauced.

    I started this thread to show that cuts of meat do determine how we plan our cook, and how we determine what shall be cooked. We don't always have to buy the best cuts, but a well planned cook will always be successful. 
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      I think you showed us that very well!



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    Those carnitas look great!  I have been buying the rib end a lot lately to use in leaner sausage making, to brine and then smoke or roast whole,  but I never though to make something like carnitas out of it.  Thanks for the idea!

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